ESU Engineering Edition and Pullman new items 2016 online!


Highlight is our new russian class 132 in H0. This really large diesel engine features a lot of details and functions.


Also brand new is the model of the german V90 DB. We will make the version with two fans in the hood in heavy diecast metal


Further, we will have the modern shunting engine Voith class 265 DB. This is very popular on the real railroad now.


The club car WGye 831 will add real music to your model railway. Featuring a MP3 module and a speaker for the good sound and a LokPilot decoder for the control, the car will also have various lighting and “Disco” effects for a realistic fun experience.


Also, by introducing the two-axle tank cars „Deutz“ we will have our first Pullman H0 freight car.


A two-pole conductive coupler and AC wheelsets for our cars will also be available soon.


For garden layouts, we are happy to announce new versions of the ABe 4/4 and the hopper car FD.