Current carrying coupler

Electricity can be transferred reliably from one car to the next with our new current carrying short coupler. This eliminates the need of having to install current pick-up contacts or centre contacts in each car. This helps to reduce unnecessary friction.

The two-pole coupler enables you to transfer current for the interior lighting or the end-of-train lights without any hassles. Of course, you can also connect a speaker with our coupler (for instance in a dummy car) and power it with the LokSound decoder installed in the locomotive. The sprung contact can carry up to 1 A.

The mechanical (short) coupling is facilitated by a conventional loop and assures a reliable mechanical link between the cars.

The short coupler can be inserted into any NEM 652 standardized coupler shaft. The factory installed, extremely flexible stranded wires assure optimal freedom of movement of the bogies and the coupler kinematics.

There are two couplers in a package.

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery
  41001 Conducting coupler for NEM pocket. 2 units package. Gauge H0