ECoS software 3.4.0. published


Today we may inform you about the release of software version 3.4.0. for ECoS 50200, ECoS 50000 as well as the Central Station 60212 "Reloaded". This software will not only fix bugs, but also brings new decoder profiles along to make the work with the new ESU LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 families possible.

Owners of our ECoS command stations can really look forward to the new RailComPlus functionality: RailComPlus-capable decoders will be automatically recognised by the ECoS. Thus ESU is the first manufacturer being able to offer decoders as well as command stations which support RailComPlus.

The software as well as the corresponding manual can be downloaded from registered ECoS owners for free, as usual, from our website.

Hint: The RailComPlus function is currently not available for Central Station Reloaded owners, since the required "Global Detector" is not installed within the device.