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RailComPlus...and suddenly the decoder »speaks«

This is something that model railroader have always waited for: to put a loco on the tracks and the decoder will be immediately recongised by the command station. No matter if it is a new loco with an unused decoder or one with re-programmed values.

And it´s possible: RailComPlus

Here comes the solution: RailComPlus® is a logical further development of DCC and RailCom®. It complements the basis technology of both DCC and RailCom® by a whole range of new functions, which makes the operation of locos, turnouts as and signals much easier.

The automatic RailComPlus® recognition has been developed by ESU based on RailCom® invented by Lenz® and is another  milestone in the field of bi-directional communication.

RailComPlus - off we go:

In DCC mode RailComPlus® is not a  »paper tiger«, but a concrete marketable concept: Both the cooperating companys will already release their first products in 2011.

Lenz Elektronik will integrate RailComPlus® in all Digital plus Decoder in the future. For upgradable decoders (from version 7.x  onwards) a free software update will be available.

ESU will equip the ECoS ESU Command Station as well as the new LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 decoders ex works with RailComPlus®. All H0 loco models from the ESU Engineering Edition will be equipped with RailComPlus® either ex works or can be updated with a free available firmware update.

The future-proof system

The patented RailComPlus® system has been developed by ESU electronic solutions ulm, a company of long tradition in concepting digital systems. Due to its important functions and it´s simple handling, it garantuees the continuity of DCC as the world standard for digital control units. The responsibility for DCC with RailComPlus® is shared and licensed between Lenz® Elektronik and ESU electronic solutions ulm. Thus model railroaders using DCC will be on the safe side - also in the future!

Lenz and ESU are confident that DCC, RailCom® and RailComPlus® will bring model railroaders just the advantages which they are rightly expect from a digital DCC control unit nowadays and in the future. Look forward to the future with RailComPlus® - it has just begun!

What RailComPlus can do

Register A loco equipped with a RailComPlus®  decoder will be automatically registered by the command station and will give the command station its name and address. This will still work even if there are several locos on the track. It is also possible to rename each loco individually: For example, you have two locomotives both named »Class64«, just change the name into »Bubikopf 1« and »Bubikopf 2«
Move If you wish to run your locomotive on your friend´s layout, it will also be registered automatically. Alternatively, you can just use the loco´s address.
Function riddles? Via RailComPlus® the decoder informs the loco about the range of functions. They will recognise the type of function and if it is a momentary (e.g. for a whistle) or a permanent function (e.g. motor sound).
Thinner and faster New RailComPlus® packages allow a faster transfer of commands to the decoders. Thus the DCC bandwidth will be improved.
Programming becomes redundant The best comes at the end: forget the programming and reading out of decoders, it will not longer be required.