Digital control - Devices and components

As soon as you wish to drive a few more locomotives on one circuit, you´ll decide to use digital command control. It has the advantage that you are able to select the functions of each loco individually. In combination with our LokSound decoders, a realistic railway operation is assured.

We would like to introduce our products regarding digital command control to you on the following pages.

  • ECoS 50220 DCC System

    The new ECoS is the latest state-of-the-art multi-protocol command station by ESU. Fully equipped with a coloured touchpanel display, two motor-driven cabs and 6A output load, it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • CabControl DCC System – The Future of Model Railroading

    Welcome to the Future of Model Railroading! Combining WiFi Android based throttles and RailCom to utilize features of ESU decoders not currently possible in the North American Market!

  • Mobile Control II - The new freedom

    The Mobile Control II is our android-based wireless throttle for your ECoS. Finally, you can control your locomotives and accessories remote-controlled.

  • ECoSDetector feedback modules

    You´re looking for reliable track occupancy detectors or feedback modules for your ECoS command station? Or you´d like to built an external control board and connect it to your central station? Our ECoSDetector modules are perfectly right for this case!

  • ECoSlink Terminal

    You´d like to connect a few more devices to your ECoSlink bus, but there not enough jacks at your ECoS or central station®? Then you need an ECoSlink Terminal!

  • L.Net converter - The Integrator

    For the first time, it is possible to connect Uhlenbrock® or Digitrax® handheld throttles directly to the ECoS or Central Station 60212 „Reloaded", thanks to the ESU L.Net converter.

  • ECoSBoost - Pure energy

    The ECoSBoost is the ideal extention for your ECoS or Central Station®, if you need more continuous-load output. The ECoSBoost is able to output DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix® and mfx®, depending on your command station. A RailCom® and mfx-feedback device is integrated.