LokSound - Digital operation + original sound

With the LokSound family decoders we offer all model railroaders who want the utmost of authenticity on their layout, a real highlight. With LokSound , the excellent features of ESU-decoders are even more enhanced by the addition of sound functions. Its sounds simple, but “wow”: In the future, your locos not only run like the prototype, they sound exactly like it! That’s made possible through our award-winning LokSound technology- the reference for good sound on the layout since its introduction in 1999. By the inventor. By ESU. LokSound decoders are available for various applications, depending on gauge or digital system.

  • LokSound “Full Throttle Diesel” Features

    Full Throttle Diesel features are available on all North American Sound files for both LokSound Selects and North American V4.0 decoders. Click here for more info.

  • LokSound Select

    Here you will find the latest sensation of ESU decoders: The new LokSound Select was designed with all our past experience while considering many suggestions of ESU users.

  • LokSound Select Direct

    The Select Direct was designed to fit as a DIRECT replacement for many modern lighting boards including Athearn Genesis, Atlas, Bowser-Stewart, and Intermountain.

  • LokSound Select Micro

    Need a Smaller decoder but only need the options available in the LokSound Select decoder? The NEW 4 output function LokSound Select Micro decoder was designed with this purpose in mind!

  • LokSound Select Direct Micro

    Working with Narrow Hood units in N scale? The NEW 6 output function LokSound Select Direct Micro decoder was designed with this purpose in mind!

  • LokSound L Select / LokSound L V4.0

    The Brand New LokSound L V4.0 and LokSound L Select decoders are made to fill a huge void in the O scale DCC market.

  • LokSound 5 DCC Direct

    With its unique design the LokSound 5 Direct DCC can easily replace boards that provide poor motor control, low volume, or generally inferior sound.

  • LokSound 5 / LokSound 5 DCC

    The LokSound 5 is the most important member of the LokSound family.

  • LokSound 5 micro / LokSound 5 micro DCC

    The LokSound 5 micro is a "little wonder": With only 21mmx10mm footprint, it is by far the smallest LokSound decoder we've ever built.

  • LokSound 5 L / LokSound 5 L DCC

    The LokSound 5 L finds its place wherever the LokSound 5 no longer "fits" in terms of performance.

  • LokSound 5 XL

    The LokSound 5 XL decoder is a really big "chunk". He must be, because he is intended for use in garden railway or lane 1 locomotives.