Any model railroader, wanting to fit decoders into locos, knows the problems arising when trying to get the small parts required for the installation. ESU wants to help you and therefore offers you directly some sensible, often needed parts.


  • Loudspeakers

    Here you have the choice for all loudspeakers available.

  • Adapter boards

    Here you will find a selection of adapter boards for extending you decoders...

  • Thin cables & cable harness

    You want to install a decoder but not abscise the interface? Simply use our cable harness! A professional solution.

  • PowerPacks

    Here you will find a selection of our PowerPacks.

  • Permanent magnets

    Find here an apprpriate permanent magnet for converting your old Märklin® all-current motor.

  • Miniature relays

    This relay helps you to switch higher loads.

  • Coupler

    Here you will find a selection of our couplers.

  • Premium Foam Train Service Tray

    The ESU Premium Foam Train Service Tray is the ideal tool for the maintenance and care of your locomotives.

  • Smoke distillate

    Smoke distillate for our smoke units.

  • AC wheel set

    AC wheel set for coaches and wagons.

  • USB Connection Cable for LokProgrammer

    If your LokProgrammer has been in use for a considerable time and you intend to switch to Windows 7, you will need a new USB cable.

  • Smoke units

    Here you will find some smoke units for your locomotives.