Warranty & Repair

ESU uses the most modern manufacturing technique and all articles are thoroughly checked before they leave our warehouse. Just in case the article is faulty or does not work properly it could pay off to do some research first to find out what the causing may be.

Many of the articles sent back to us are completely functionable, due to overload, wrong handling or incorrect use. To find any further technical information, click Tips & Tricks or FAQ. Some of the infomation given might be quite helpful; or you will even find a solution. 

Please also read the enclosed instruction manual! In case you shouldn´t find a satisfying answer, please ask your ESU retailer for advise. Many of our dealers attended our training on new products and technologies.

When you send your ECoS for repair, please note that there´s no garantuee to maintain the data configured. Your data could possibly get lost! Therefore we recommend to save the data of your ECoS periodically on your PC to be able to use it for back ups.

  • Classification

    Find out more about your possibilities when returning a product to ESU.

  • Return an article

    Please find out here how to return an article to ESU.

  • Service charges

    Naturally it is also possible to repair an ESU article which is out of the two-year warranty period.