FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We assorted all questions to each product line. Please note that all questions are answered individually, which means that some problems do not correspond to other decoders. Thus some questions may appear several times.

  • Digital systems

    All questions about ECoS, Central Station® Reloaded and ECoSBoost.

  • LokSound decoders

    Questions about our LokSound decoders

  • LokPilot decoders

    Questions about our LokPilot decoders

  • SwitchPilot

    Questions about SwitchPilot, SwitchPilot Servo or SwitchPilot Extension accessory decoders

  • LokProgrammer

    Here you can find important facts about the LokProgrammer.

  • Decoder Tester

    Here you can find important facts about the Decoder Tester.

  • Accessories

    You have questions about the decoder tester, relays, wire harnesses or permanent magnets? Here you can find answers

  • ESU website

    You have questions about www.esu.eu or problems loging in? Here you can find some answers!

  • RailComPlus®

    Questions about RailComPlus®