ECoS leaves the factory with extensive features: Two cabs with motorized throttle knobs and nine function keys each, plus a two-axis, center-click joystick each. With it, you can blow the whistle of the LokSound decoder, analogically, almost as you would with the prototype, or, in the future, control digital cranes perfectly. A real and optimally placed loco selection key helps you to select the loco desired.

The large, coloured TFT display shows all information in plain words. There is a touch-sensitive screen that you can work either with your finger, or the provided peg.

Each ECoS command station integrates a 6A-steady-output booster. Conventional model railroad transformers don‘t have enough power, which is why we supply you with a stabilized 150 VA (!) power supply. The output voltage is adjustable from 15V to 21V. The Power aplenty for your layout!

Decoder programming takes place via a dedicated programming track. This is independent of the mainline and normal operation on the layout is not affected during programming. ESU takes this for granted.

The new ECoSlink high speed bus serves as communicator between systems. The bus can be connected to throttles (e.g. Märklin® mobile station® 60651, 60652), ECoSDetector track occupancy feedback module, Navigator stations, ECoSlink Terminals and other system components. ECoSlink is robust (up to 100 metres cable length is no problem) and extremely fast: Forget all others!

Each ECoS Command Station incorporates a galvanically isolated jack for s88 feedback modules. Track-occupancy information can be used for route- and shuttle train operation.

An ECoSniffer jack is provided for connecting „old“, existing digital command stations. A galvanically isolated jack for connecting DCC-conform boosters tops off the list of ECoS features.