Converting turntables via the LokPilot decoder

You would like to digitalise your Märklin or Fleischmann turntable to make them work with an ECoS command station? No problem, you can therefore use a LokPilot V3.0 or a LokPilot V3.0 M4 decoder. The exact way how to do it is described in the "3Leitermagazin". Unfortunately this magazine is not available anymore, however, Mr. Kurt Heidbreder, the former publisher of the magazine, has allowed us to use a copy of this article on our website.

Although the coversion in this article is carried out by using a LokPilot V3.0 M4, it is also possible to use a LokPilot V3.0 multi-protocol decoder.

Turntable conversion with LokPilot V3.0 M4.