Conversion of a universal motor

Here we will show you how easy it can be to convert an universal motor of the former Märklin® Delta® locos into a DC motor. All you need is an appropriate permanent magnet that can be directly purchased from ESU.

Why should you convert a motor?

The answer is quite simple: Only after the conversion of the motor you´ll be able to drive a LokPilot or a LokSound decoder. Current ESU decoders are not able to drive universal motors directly. The reason for this decision is due to the traktion power of universal motors, which cannot compete with the latest technical claims. Even the best decoder would not be able to control these motors.

After the conversion, the motor will offer you unprecedented driving characteristics thanks to ESU decoders: Beside the fact that your old models will benefit from load control, also the property for slow driving will be considerably improved. Furthermore, the noise level and the current consumption of the motor will decline. In almost every case a time-consuming, expensive total conversion will not be necessary if you use a permanent magnet combined with an ESU decoder.

Here we will show you how it works:

Step 1

We start with a locomotive equipped with a Delta® motor.

Step 2

Universal motor with connected Delta® decoder: Remove all wires between motor and decoder. Remove all choke-coils and -capacitors except the one between the motor leads.

Step 3

Remove the two screws at the motor bearing assembly and carefully lift off the assembly. Take care not to lose the coal brushes and retainer springs!

Step 4

Pull off the universal field coil and replace it with the appropriate permanent magnet.

Step 5

Carefully replace the bearing assembly again: Wiggle the brushes a bit or gently pull them apart, so that you can mount the bearing assembly over the commutator.

Step 6

Solder one end of a choke coil to each motor terminal and connect the other end to the grey, resp. orange wire of the LokPilot/LokSound decoder. Conversion is done!