LokProgrammer - Installation with USB adapter cable

We often get asked how to install the LokProgrammer software and the USB adapter. Here are detailed instructions for installing the software and the USB adapter cable.

Please follow this description step by step. You may enlarge the pictures on the left by clicking on them.

And this is how it is done:

LokProgrammer CD start window

When you insert the LokProgrammer CD then the start window will appear automatically (Auto run). Now click onto “Install LokProgrammer …”

Click onto “Continue” in the following welcome window.

Deinstall old version?


Should you have previously installed a version of LokProgrammer software on your computer, you will be asked, if this should be deleted. We recommend to do this and to click onto “Yes”.

Selecting components

A driver for the USB adapter cable is installed as a standard routine with the LokProgrammer software. If you do not wish to install the USB driver, click onto the field “Driver for USB adapter” and the tick will disappear.  Then click onto “Continue”.

In the following two windows you can select the program directory as well as the start menu group for the software. Normally there are no changes required here.

Welcome window of the USB driver


After having copied the LokProgrammer files, the window for the installation of the USB driver opens automatically. Click onto “Next” in the welcome window.

Please note that the adapter cable may not be connected during the installation of the USB driver.

Choice window, in case there is already a USB driver installed.

Should you have previously installed a driver for the USB adapter cable on your computer, then a new window appears. Here you can either install the USB driver again by clicking "Re-Install USB Driver (Upgrade)!" or de-install the currently installed driver.

If a functioning USB driver has already been installed, we recommend to terminate the installation program by clicking "Exit Set-up!“

In order to continue click onto "Next >".

Re-start computer?

If you have just installed the USB driver, you will be asked, if you want to restart the system. Please select "Yes, I want to restart my Computer now." in order to re-start your computer. If you wish to restart your computer at a later stage, please select: "No, I will restart my Computer later.".  Then you can terminate the installation program by clicking onto "Finish". 

Please note that the new USB driver will only work after a restart of the computer.

Finish the installation of the USB driver.

If there is no USB driver installed on your computer, then you do not have to restart it.

Now click onto "Finish" in order to end the installation of the USB driver.

Reporting detection of the new hardware

Now you may connect the USB adapter cable.

The message “New hardware found, Prolific USB to Serial Com Port” will appear at the info area of the task bar. After a few seconds the following message will appear: “The hardware has been installed and can now be used”. The USB adapter cable is now ready for use.

In case the following message appears: „Error during installation. Possibly the hardware does not work properly.”, then it may be helpful to remove the adapter cable and to connect it to another USB port. Then the detection of the hardware works successfully in most cases.