Software updates

If you do not have any possibility to update your ECoS / ECoSControlRadio or ESU decoders with the latest software update, we will do that for you against charge:

ECoSControl Radio

ECoSControl Radio Software update 19,50 €


LokSound V4.0 (N, H0, XL) Software update 16,68 €
LokSound V3.5 (N, H0, XL) Software update 22,01 €
LokSound Decoder (all) LokSound decoder (all types) - Desired sound will be played on (Reprogramming) 22,01 €

ECoS 50000

ECoS 1 Software update 29,50 €

ECoS 50200

ECoS 2 Software update 29,50 €


Navigator Software update to be able to use PC interface 34,95 €