Smoke unit Dual

Our new smoke generator "Dual" is suitable for vehicles of the nominal sizes Gauge G, Gauge 1 but also for larger vehicles in Gauge 0. In contrast to the two other smoke generators from ESU, both exhaust steam and cylinder vapor are integrated in one housing. Thus, you can finally retrofit your older locomotives with a realistic cylinder steam. The smoke generator "Dual" has a common tank that can be filled from above. Two separate fan motors with separate heating and temperature elements ensure powerful steam emission. The required control electronics are housed on a separate, only 36 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm board and controls both the amount of smoke and the fan speed regardless of the level or the rail voltage. Burning through when the tank is empty is also prevented. The control electronics are simply placed between the smoke generator and the LokSound decoder at a suitable location. To control our brand new LokSound 5 L and LokSound 5 XL are excellent, but also the previous versions LokSound XL V4.0 or LokSound L V4.0 can be used.

The smoke generator Dual is only 59.8 mm long, 32 mm wide (with fastening straps: 38 mm) and 36.6 mm high and made of temperature-resistant plastic. Thanks to various, cut-off fastening straps, it should be possible to install it in many locomotives.

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  54677 Smoke unit, Dual (Exhaust + Cylinder) (Gauge 0) for LokSound XL device with electronic board