Class V200 in H0

  • Art.No. 31082 - 220 053, Brohltalbahn, Reuschling green, DC/AC

  • Art.No. 31339 - V200 014, DB, old red, DC/AC

  • Art.No. 31750 - 220 076, DB, old red, DC/AC

  • Art.No. 31751 - 220 060, DB, oceanblue/beige, DC/AC

  • 31082 - 220 053, Brohltalbahn, Reuschling green, DC/AC
  • 31339 - V200 014, DB, old red, DC/AC
  • 31750 - 220 076, DB, old red, DC/AC
  • 31751 - 220 060, DB, oceanblue/beige, DC/AC

• Structure and frame made of metal

• Openwork ventilation grilles in the roof area, flat MaK “V” on the front sides

• Multi-colored driver's cab with an engine driver figure

• Prototypical partial view through the engine room

• Multi-part bogie panels

• Separately attached grab bars and steps

• Coupling in a guide NEM shaft

• Five-pole ESU motor with two flywheels

• Drive via cardan / worm gear on three axles, two traction tires

• LokSound decoder for DCC, Motorola®, M4 and Selectrix operation

• Independent registration at control centers with RailComPlus® or mfx® functionality

• PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterruptible power supply

• Double speakers with large sound capsule for maximum sound enjoyment

• Universal electronics with plug-in slider and switch for switching between two-wire and middle-wire operation

• 2 smoke generators, synchronized with the LokSound, only one smoke generator is active when shunting

• Digitized original sounds of a locomotive with a V200 with Maybach MD 650 diesel engines

• Sensor-controlled noises when cornering slowly

• The light changes depending on the direction of travel, the headlights on the train can be switched off, maneuvering, driver's cab, driver's desk and engine room lighting

• Brake sparks when braking sharply

• Pipette for filling the smoke generator, buffer support parts and a 2nd coupling are included

• Minimum radius that can be driven on = 360 mm

• Length over the buffers = 209.7 mm

The V200 was THE locomotive face of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in the 1950s. No other diesel locomotive shaped the image of the young DB as much as the long locomotive with the characteristic aluminum decorative stripes that tapered into a stylized "V" on the front sides. In the series locomotives built from 1956 onwards, 1100 hp (at 1500 rpm) 12-cylinder engines from Daimler-Benz (MB 820 Bb), MAN (12 V 18/21) or Maybach (MD 650) were used. A steam boiler from Hagenuk, which was able to heat an express train with ten to twelve cars, was used to heat the train. A special feature was the equipping of all V200.0 with a multiple control, which made double traction and push-pull train operation possible. With Krauss-Maffei (V200 001 - 005, V200 026 - 086) and MaK (V200 006 to 025) only two manufacturers delivered the 86 locomotives to the DB. The front of the MaK locomotives differed significantly from the Krauss Maffei locomotives by the flatter version of the "V". The Bahnbetriebswerke (Bw) Frankfurt-Griesheim (15 units), Hamburg-Altona (19), Hamm P (32) and Villingen / Black Forest (20) received initial allocations of series locomotives. Ex-works, V200 056 to 086 received simple DB logos on the sides instead of the eye-catching “Deutsche Bundesbahn” lettering. From the early 1970s, the aluminum trim strips were removed and the locomotives were given a decorative line to separate the red and gray sections. Three V200s were painted in the then modern shades of ocean blue and ivory in the 1970s. The distinctive »V« on the front sides was omitted. After the DB had parked the 220 as early as 1978, it offered the locomotives, some of which were just 20 years old, to foreign railways for sale. A total of 30 locomotives found customers in Italy, France (Algeria) and Spain.

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery
  31082 Diesel loco, H0, 220 053 Brohltalbahn, Reuschling green, Era VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q4/24
NEW! 31339 Diesel loco, H0, V200 014 DB, old red, Era III, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC (replaces Art.-No.: 31336) Q4/24
NEW! 31750 Diesel loco, H0, 220 076 DB, old red, Era IV, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC (replaces Art.-No.: 31337) Q4/24
NEW! 31751 Diesel loco, H0, 220 060 DB, oceanblue/beige, Era IV, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC (replaces Art.-No.: 31338) Q4/24
  51990 Suitable smoke liquid, specially for ESU smoke generators, 125 ml bottle