Precision Servo Motor - Metal

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ESU proudly presents a further, newly-developed servo motor for all ambitious model railway fans. The „Precision Servo Motor - Metal“ is preferred by all model railroaders who look for a powerful servo with metal gearing. Thanks to its metal gearing the servo is able to lift nearly twice the load (1.8 kg) of its plastic gearing brother. Moreover, the „Precision Servo Motor - Metal“ is appropriate for all situations in which splicing and beating claim high mechanical requirements from the servo and where the sound development does not play such an important role.

With the same measurements as the Precision Servo Motor, the metal gearing is also equipped with the new, micro-processed control electronics for a precise, sensitive heading to the required position. Therefore the impuls suppression makes sure that there won´t be any tremors on the layout when you switch it on. The 30cm cables makes easy wiring possible.

Also, the „Precision Servo Motor - Metal“ comes with innovative and well-proven accessories such as a servo holder and controlling wires.

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description
  51805 Servo Motor, precision mini-servo, micro-controlled with metal gearing, incl. mounting kit