Questions about the LokProgrammer 53451

  • fold faq Error message LokSound micro V4.0 decoder - "The decoder loaded is no LokSound V4.0"

    When you try to write a sound onto a LokSound micro V4.0 decoder the following error message occurs: "The decoder loaded is no LokSound V4.0"

    The actual sound project was created for a LokSound V4.0 (H0) decoder and cannot be written onto a LokSound micro V4.0. However, you can change the sound project into a LokSound micro V4.0 project file.

    To do this, you proceed as follows:

    1. Open the .esux file that contains the sound project (File -> Open...).
    2. Click onto "Tools" -> Change decoder type...
    3. Select LokSound micro V4.0 within the combo box and click OK.
    4. The LokProgrammer now loads a new LokSound micro V4.0 project. All sound data and decoder settings will be adopted.
    5. Now you are able to write the decoder data as well as the sound onto your LokSound micro V4.0.

    Please check the motor and analogue settings subsequently since they have been optimised for H0 decoders.

  • fold faq Is it possible to install version 4.0.0 and 2.7.7 of the LokProgrammer software on one PC at the same time

    The installation of both versions 2.7.7 and 4.0.0 at the same time is possible without restrictions. You may however only start one programm at the same time.

  • fold faq What are the PC's minimal requirements for the operation of the LokProgrammer software 4.0.0

    The LokProgrammer-Software 4.0.0 can be installed on any PC using Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or a newer Windows version.

  • fold faq Ist die Softwareversion 2.7.6 kompatibel zu Windows 7?

    Ist die aktuelle Softwareversion 2.7.6 kompatibel zu Windows 7?

    Ja, Sie können die Software auch unter Windows 7 nutzen. Allerdings müssen Sie den aktuellen Treiber für den USB-Adapter neu installieren. Die Treiberdatei finden Sie auf unserer Homepage im Bereich Download. In den seltensten Fällen kann es vorkommen, das der Treiber im Gerätemanager ihres Betriebssystems mit einer Fehlermeldung erscheint. Hier müssen Sie dann den vorhandenen USB Adapter gegen einen, über den Fachhandel zu beziehenden, neuen Adapter tauschen. Bitte beachten Sie, das der Adapter Windows 7 und USB 2.0 kompatibel ist.

  • fold faq Does LokProgrammer software run under Windows XP in 64-bit version?

    Unfortunately, the LokProgrammer software does not run in Windows XP 64-bit version. In the 32-bit version of Windows XP is a flawless operation possible. 

  • fold faq The LokProgrammer can not read out the decoder (reliable).

    Despite LokProgrammer correct installation of the software, I can not always read correctly the data of the decoder. In particular, the advanced decoder information can not be displayed. What can that be?

    Use only the latest software version to ensure that all ESU decoder also properly recognized and supported.

    Please also important to note that no capacitors connecting tracks are fitted. These must necessarily be removed because they are interfere a reading.

  • fold faq I have a Märklin loco with mfx decoder and C-Sine motor. Why does an error message come up at the readout?

    The control logic for the C-Sine motor causes an interference of the communication between the decoder and LokProgrammer. The only way to go around this problem is to remove the decoder from the loco and directly connect it to the LokProgrammer. Only the two wires for the track connection are necessary to connect the decoder to the LokProgrammer.

    All the decoders in these locos have the 21MTC interface, a perfect tool would be the Decoder-Tester.

  • fold faq The automatic download can not find a new version, although they offered for download?

    I set up LokProgrammer to search regularly for new software updates. I have noticed that the software claims that there would be no newer version, although manually download of a new version is available. Is this a fault?

    No, everything is in order. The automatic update function is always only one to two weeks after the manual download. The reasons for this are the server load, we hereby try and compensate for the fact that the preparation of the automatic updates additional time is needed. We want new software versions but always as soon as possible . 

  • fold faq Which plug fit in the metal "Track-Out" connectors?

    For all the LokProgrammer with the round metal "track-out" jacks, the 2.6mm miniature banana plugs fits perfectly.


    This banana plugs are available e.g. in Germany at Conrad part # 730599 (color blue), in UK at Westfalia part # 965475 or in the US at Alliedelec part # 885-2945.

  • fold faq How to install the LokProgrammer software?

    Eine detaillierte Anleitung finden Sie bei den Tipps & Tricks unter LokProgrammer Installation mit USB Adapterkabel.

  • fold faq Can I read out the CV data from a ESU decoder and store it on the hard drive?

    With the help of the LokProgrammer it is possible to read all CV data from an ESU decoder and store it to the hard drive. This data could then e.g. transferred to other decoder ( "cloned").
    It is not possible to read out the sound data from a LokSound decoder.

  • fold faq What are the advantages of LokProgrammer compared to products of the competition?

    The service scope of the LokProgrammer including the software is so far no other manufacturers have only partly been achieved. Here is the enormous lead to the ESU since 1999 in the sound area has developed.

    Unique advantages of LokSound and LokProgrammer:
    • Extremely flexible "state machinery", in addition to steam and diesel electric locomotives, diesel-hydraulic locomotives and electric locomotives. 
    • simple add new sound files in projects with "drag-and-drop". 
    • possibility of new sound files flexibly meet. When competitors can You only complete projects sound exchange at the individual project files but nothing change. 
    • Intuitive Windows interface. No cryptic control with DOS windows or similar. 
    • ESU offers by far the largest sound archive. No other manufacturer can You only start this choice. 
    • ESU LokSound sound was the first manufacturer ever. Whereas we initially from the other Manufacturers smiled, try other companies now, the concept LokSound to copy it.
    Compare for yourself We are sure that ESU LokSound compared with each other 
    Sound systems stand. ESU LokSound. The reference. Since 1999.

  • fold faq How can I identify the old 50450 LokProgrammer, where is the difference to the new 53451?

    The old LokProgrammer 50450 can be identified by the enclosure, it will be the old LokProgrammer if:

    • the enclosure of the LokProgrammers is a little black module case.
    • the enclosure of the LokProgrammers is a little, blue module (see picture below):

    The European CE-Sign is in the right upper corner, and the web address ""is not printed.

  • fold faq I can not overwrite the sound files of my Märklin mfx-Sounddecoder?

    This was done for a reason. All Märklin mfx sound decoders are protected against any changes, deletion or overwriting of the original sound files.
    All the parameters of the CV's like maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration can be changed at any time.

  • fold faq Can I use the LokProgrammer 53451 to program LokSound "classic" decoder?

    Unfortunately no. If you want to program the LokSound "classic" decoder you need a LokProgrammer 50450. This model is sold out and will not be back on the shelf.

  • fold faq Can I use the new software 2.x with the old LokProgrammer 50450?

    Unfortunately, no. The software for the LokProgrammer 53451 version 2.00 can not be used for the hardware version 1 (small blue or black enclosure).
    If you want to program LokSound V3.x decoders you need LokProgrammer 53451. With the software of this new LokProgrammer you are able to program the older LokSound2 decoders as well.

  • fold faq I'm using the USB adapter cable which came with the LokProgrammer. Why is it not detected by the operatinal system?

    The USB adapter cable and driver provided need a Windows version 2000 or higher, if you use Windows 98 or older versions you need to use a serial port to connect the LokProgrammer to your computer because the software driver is not working perfectly with older versions.
    Please always use the latest USB driver which can be downloaded from our web site under LokProgrammer Software

  • fold faq There is a blue and a grey LokProgrammer on the web site. What is the difference beetween the two?

    The production of the LokProgrammer 53451 was switched from the blue to a gray case in Summer 2007. There is no change in any kind of function of the LokProgrammer, so both of the LokProgrammer have the same part number.
    There is no "new" LokProgrammer available, just a new outfit of the case to match other products like the SwitchPilot. The inner parts and the software are 100% identical.

  • fold faq How to burn a CD from the ISO-File (Image)?

    You need a CD burner and the equivalent software like "RecordNow! or any other CD writing program. All these programs do have the option to burn a CD from the image of an .ISO file. Please use a writable CD, even if your burner can write DVD's.

  • fold faq Can I read the sound files from the decoder with the LokProgrammer?

    Unfortunately no, it is not possible to read sound files from the decoder, but you can delete and write sound files from or to the decoder.
    Readout of CV data from the LokSound decoder is of course possible.

  • fold faq Is it possible to program decoders from other manufactures with the LokProgrammer?

    The software which comes with the LokProgrammer was especially developed for the ESU LokSound and LokPilot decoders. You may be able read and write to decoders other brand names. Not all of the companies are following the DCC rules and recommendations, ESU can not give any kind of guaranty.

    You can find a list of supported decoders in the release notes of the most recent version of the LokProgrammer Software.

  • fold faq What is the difference between LokProgrammer 53451 und 53452?

    The LokProgrammer set 53452 includes a US power supply 120VAC and is distributed only in USA. Otherwise everything else like LokProgrammer functions or set accessories are identical. The LokProgrammer set 53451 includes a European power supply for 240VAC.
    The software which comes with the both of the sets is in German and in English language as well.

  • fold faq What is the difference between LokProgrammer 53450 und 53451?

    The LokProgrammer set 53451 includes a USB adapter cable, otherwise both sets are identical.