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Questions about SwitchPilot decoder family

  • fold faq Programming of the SwitchPilot Decoder with my Central Station 2 (60213) won't work!

    Programming of the SwitchPilot Decoder with my Central Station 2 (60213) won't work! The new address is not accepted

    Unfortunately, the Central Station 2 (60212) with the current firmware 1.0.5. / 1.1.3 (0) sends permanently an invalid data packet, which is misinterpreted by the SwitchPilot. For programming with CS2 please proceed as follows:

    • Free both the CS2 controllers, so no locomotive is selected.
    • Restart the CS2. Both controllers are still not in use, no loco is selected. The incorrect data package in question is not send.
    • Select the Keyboard.
    • Press the programming key on the SwitchPilot according to the paragraph in the user manual until the LED blink, now release the key.
    • On the keyboard operate now the turnout. The SwitchPilot will immediately respond to the new address and turn on the LED for approximately 1 second.


    We hope that Märklin will fix the error in a future software release.

  • fold faq Are the track inputs from power supply inputs separated?

    With the SwitchPilot decoders the magnet articles or servos can be fed with a separate power source. Are the track inputs from power supply inputs separated?

    Yes. The track input TrkA, TrkB is insulated by optocoupler input from PwrA, PwrB inputs. There are no problems expected when you use a separate supply transformers.

  • fold faq How can I change the direction of the servo motor?

    How can I change the direction of the servo motor?

    The direction of rotation of the servos can be easily reversed by the values of the CVs (such as CV38 and CV39) exchanged.

  • fold faq Switch Pilot Feedback exchange

    How can I exchange the SwitchPilot Feedback? 

    The polarity (positive / negative logic) of the feedback connections will be swapped. 

    This is for 2-aspects signals identical to the crossing of the feedback connections. 
    For 3-aspects articles this type of crossing of the connection will not work. 
    A mark must be set in the check box at the menu "Edit accessory" (see red mark in the picture). 

  • fold faq ECOS FW 1.1.1 with RailCom®, Switch Pilot can not be programmed with programming buttons?

    I have enabled RailCom® on my ECoS with firmware 1.1.1 to display turnout feedback. Since that time the Switch Pilot no longer accept addresses when I press the programming button. Is the Switch Pilot broken?

    There is a problem with the programming button when RailCom® is activated in the ECoS . Once you have created a turnout with RailCom® in the ECoS, it will asks constantly (about 2 times per second) about the status of the Switch Pilot.

    If the program button on the Pilot Switch is pressed and the ECoS "polls" this or any other Switch Pilot, the Switch Pilot detects this command and will take this address which the ECoS broadcasts at this moment.

    This behavior can easily recognized: After pressing the PROG button the LED flashes at the Switch Pilot, then within the next second by Finding / Accepting a new address and the Switch Pilot will leave the programming mode with a permanent LED light.

    There is the only one remedy for the ECoS with firmware 1.1.1 : When operating with RailCom® don't use the programming button. Instead, either 

         • Connect the Switch Pilot to the programming track output and program here 
         • Program the Switch Pilot on POM (main track)
    The problem is not the Switch Pilot, but the interaction with the ECoS and RailCom® There will be an improvement with ECoS with firmware 1.1.2.

  • fold faq My switch pilot forgets his newly entered address?

    In individual cases, it may happen that the switch pilot lost its programming after a "Power Down". Please send us back your switch pilot, because it is a manufacturing error. We will replace the decoder.

  • fold faq My switch pilot connected to a Lenz controller does not work?

    The switch pilot connected to a Lenz controller will work correctly when the mode switch is set to the middle position "user mode". The operation "k83" does not work while operating under DCC. This mode is designed specifically for Motorola operation.

  • fold faq I can not program my new switch pilot: I can not read CVs!

    Unfortunately, there is an error in the first edition of the manual: To read the CVs you must have a load installed at the output 1 of the pilot switch, for example a resistor of 180 ohms: This generates the necessary current for reading the data. The corrected version of the operating instructions are included in the download area (Instruction Manuals).

  • fold faq Are the transistor outputs simultaneously available when operating with the extension module?

    Yes. The transistor outputs are in parallel with the relay outputs and can be used individually. For example, the transistor outputs is used to control the signal lights and the turnout motor associated with it through the relay outputs.

  • fold faq Are the servo outputs usable in conjunction with the transistor outputs?

    If you wish, of course: Enter the same address for the servo outputs as the address for the transistor outputs. This provides you the possibility e.g. the transistor outputs to blink the crossing gate light and a servo for lifting and lowering the gate.

  • fold faq Can the servo outputs be used independently from the transistor outputs?

    Of course. For the two servo outputs a separate address will be used, which can be freely chosen.

  • fold faq Can I use the SwitchPilot to switch off the block routes?

    Yes, with the help of the SwitchPilot Extension module: You may block the route depending on the position of the signal or provide a break voltage to the block. 

  • fold faq Can I switch my motor driven turnouts directly?

    Yes, with the help of the SwitchPilot Extension module: The build in relays can be used to switch the turnout potential free, also polarity can be switched for DC motors.

  • fold faq My solenoid actuators require much current. Do I need a separate "power" module?

    No. The switch pilot can also operate solenoid motors with high power consumption reliably.