Questions about the ESU website

  • fold faq Can I even change my password?

    Of course. After logging in you can select a new password in the box at the top of the page "My Account". For security reasons, you must enter the old password for the last time.

  • fold faq Creating secure passwords

    A secure passwords consists of at least 8 characters: letters, ciphers and special characters.

    There is a simple method to create and remember such a password.

    Think of a setence with at least 8 words or a setence from famous text or poem. For example:

    I like chocolate - but only 2 times a day.

    Now take the initials and punctuation marks from the sentence:

    I like chocolate - but only 2 times a day.



    If your sentence doesn't contain any ciphers you can replace letters with ciphers.

    And our secure password is finished and you have just to remeber your sentence.



  • fold faq Why ESU opened a forum? Are there not enough Internet forums?

    The main reason for the enlargement of the ESU's own forum is, to be able to offer a faster quality assistance regarding our products. Neither of the previous e-mail support, nor the discussions in open, cross-vendor forums can guarantee this.

    We are convinced that the combination of Forum, FAQs und Tips & Tricks represents the best help on the Internet. Previous e-mail approaches encounter also due to the complexity of the products and the expected response times to its natural limits.

  • fold faq Is there a declaration between upper and lower case letters?

    Yes! Please ensure you enter both the username and password with the correct upper and lower case letters, otherwise the application will not work. The user name must be entered exactly as mentioned in automatically sent e-mail with the new password.

  • fold faq I've forgotten my username!

    If you forget your user name, you should send an Email to ESU support. We can provide the user name to you again. Please make sure to correctly enter the user name and password. Both are case sensitiv, please be aware!

  • fold faq What is the difference between the Register and Login?

    The registration is a one-time action you have to do before the use of all functions of the ESU web site. After your personal information is entered an access authorization (known as user account) is created, characterized by a user name and password.

    A logon is neccessary each time you access our site at When logging on, the system requires the input of the user name and password set during the registration to identify you. Only after the logon procedure, all functions of the ESU website will be available.

  • fold faq Is it not easier to re-register? Why all the effort?

    It was our desire, that all the old forum entries remain in the systems. If you apply for a new access an assignment to your previous contributions would be no longer possible. Therefore, we recommend a new registration only in exceptional cases.

  • fold faq The Email address which was used at time of registration is invalid! What can I do?

    If your e-mail address is no longer valid, please send an Email stating the new Email address to ESU support. Of course we can change the Email address for you.

  • fold faq The logon with the new password does not work!

    In some cases, it appears that the e-mails with the new password has been awarded several times. Unfortunately some of the passwords we sent do not work. We apologize for this technical mistake. In this case, you can get a new password here at any time. You must, however, know your existing user name and make sure that the Email address which was used at the time of registration is still valid.

  • fold faq I was already a member of the old forum! Do I need to re-register?

    No. Your user name will work in the new, enlarged forum as usual. For privacy reasons, your old password does not work anymore. Therefore we sent an Email to every previous forums member with a new password. This password should be used directly on the website in the login box in the upper right corner of the login window.Once you have logged in, a window appears with the previously stored data. Please check it carefully and add and change them accordingly. We need from every member full name and a full, valid address.

  • fold faq Why should I register at

    Registering at gives you access to protected areas of the home page. This includes in particular the Support Forum. In this forum you may questions about all ESU products. Both ESU employees as well as other forums participants will try to answer your questions.