Setting up the feedback indication on the track control diagram

Here it is explained how to link the individual elements on the track control diagram to s88 feedback inputs in order to highlight these elements subject to the feedback status.

This functionality works if firmware version 3.3.2. or higher is installed in your ECoS.

Open the track control diagram.


Change to the configuration mode (open end wrench symbol) and select “Link elements” (that is the button on the left of the “I” symbol).

Then choose the element that should be linked.

You may link all track symbols as well as all signals with a feedback input.

The menu „Linking to feedback module“ appears. Select the desired s88 input.

You may only select s88 modules that you have previously been created in set-up under “Devices on ECoSLink"-"s88".


The corresponding track sector will light up whenever the feedback input is active.


Should the selected symbol be part of more than one track you can assign each track to its own feedback module.