Deactivating the s88 feedback

For testing the s88 functions it can be helpful to deactivate the feedback feature as described below.

You must have installed firmware version 3.3.0. or higher on your ECoS.


Open the menu “Operating settings”

The deactivation can be accomplished in the second menu point “Deactivating modules”.


Routes can be linked to s88 feedback modules on your ECoS. Whenever the s88 contact is active the linked route will be switched. In order to prevent the switching of linked routes set the button “Trigger routes with s88 feedback” to “Inactive”.


The ECoS reports s88 events to the PC interface. Thus it is possible to trigger further actions by means of feedback input such as the departure of a train or the switching of turnouts. In order to prevent the redirection of s88 events to the PC interface set the button “Redirect s88 feedback to the PC interface” to “Inactive”.


Please note:

The settings are not permanently stored on the ECoS. Whenever you start your ECoS all feedback settings are set to “Active”.