LokPilot - the jewel among decoders

Digital decoders and jewellery have at least on thing incommon: With all the silver –  or gold plated rhinestones for sale, it’s not easy for some people to make an informed choice. The sophisticated buyer will go for the real thing, therefore being sure of its lasting value.


The same holds true for the decoders of our LokPilot series: Each one provides you with unique functions that will easily convince you. This is where ESU’s leading edge technology comes fully into play. Since its arrival in 2001, ESU LokPilot decoders have been used by thousands of satisfied customers. Well known model railroad producers, who factory-deliver their locos with built-in LokPilot decoders, may serve as reference for the superb quality of our decoders. LokPilot decoders are available in several formats, depending upon gauge or digital system.

Gauge H0:

  • LokPilot V4.0

    The LokPilot V4.0, top of the range, speaks DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®. Armed for the coming NMRA DCC BiDirectional Standard („RailCom®“), it is for all ambitious model railroaders with technical vision and an appetite for new technologies.

  • LokPilot V4.0 DCC

    The LokPilot V4.0 DCC speaks DCC only and is also armed for the coming NMRA DCC BiDirectional Standard („RailCom®“) and it is predestined for all ambitious model railroaders with technical vision and an appetite for new technologies.

  • LokPilot V4.0 M4

    The LokPilot V4.0 M4 could be the choice of all Märklin®-systems fans, who want maximum play value.

  • LokPilot Standard

    The LokPilot Standard is a DCC decoder for modellers that are looking for a robust, high quality DCC decoder for their standard requirements, which should also be easily affordable.

  • LokPilot digital sets

    These sets contain a LokPilot V4.0 decoder and an appropriate permanent magnet and 2 choke coils. Perfect for the conversion of older Delta lcocomotives.

  • LokPilot digital sets 21MTC

    Many model railroaders would like to exchange their old interface for the modern 21MTC version when converting their aged Märklin® locomotives and look for a simple and affordable opportunity to do so.

  • LokPilot Fx V4.0

    The LokPilot Fx V4.0 is used to digitize motor-less rolling stock. It offers up to 6 function outputs and speaks DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®.

Gauge N, TT:

  • LokPilot micro V4.0

    The smallest member of the LokPilot V4.0 family has now a size of only 10.5mm x 8.1mm x 2.8mm and should thus fit in the smallest N-/TT-gauge locos.

  • LokPilot micro V4.0 DCC

    The LokPilot micro V4.0 DCC is a genuine power house. It drives the loco motor with a continuous load capability of 0.75A and has significantly shrunk compared to its forerunner.

  • LokPilot Fx micro V3.0

    The LokPilot Fx V3.0 is a functional decoder for motorless rolling stock. It speaks DCC and Motorola® and can switch up tp six functions.

Gauge G, 1:

  • LokPilot XL V4.0

    The all-new LokPilot XL V4.0 can be used with DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4 and cannot only provide up to 4.0A continuous load for the motor, but also switch up to 8 (!) function outputs. Thanks to the „PowerPack“ energy reservoir, the orror of dirty tracks outside is a thing of the past.