LokPilot 5 Fx DCC

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is a function decoder without motor output and is therefore perfect for installation in control cars or function models. As the "twin brother" of the LokPilot 5 Fx, it shares its characteristics and also the basic characteristics of all other LokPilot 5 decoders, but is a pure DCC decoder.

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is supplied in three variants: In addition to the "classic" version with 8-pole NEM 652 wiring harness, a variant for the 21MTC interface and with PluX22 interface is also available.


The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is a "pure-bred" DCC decoder. 14 to 128 driving steps are as self-evident as 2- and 4-digit addresses. Up to 32 functions can be triggered. Thanks to RailComPlus®, the decoders register fully automatically at a suitable digital center.

It masters all DCC programming modes and thanks to RailCom® the CV values can be read out on the main track with suitable control panels. Auxiliary registers exist for control panels that can only program the CVs from 1-255.

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC decoder detects the Märklin® brake distances as well as ZIMO® HLU / ZACK commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Braking with DCC brake blocks or with equal voltage is also possible. In addition, it also stops with a Selectrix® brake diode. An automatic ABC pen train allows automatic commuting between two stations. Although this de-coder does not have an engine output, this is also important for a function decoder in order to be able to synchronize control cars and motor cars.

The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC decoder can be used on analog DC webs.

The decoder switches "on-the-fly" fully automatically between operating modes. Most of the time, nothing needs to be adjusted.


The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC has been equipped with an astonishing number of function outputs. Depending on the cutting position design, each LokPilot 5 Fx DCC decoder offers at least 10 reinforced function outputs with 250mA output current each. For the versions with PluX22 or 21MTC interface, 4 outputs are added for controlling servos or logic level outputs. All important light radios are available. The brightness of each output can be set separately.


The LokPilot 5 Fx DCC is designed for interaction with the LokSound 5 and the LokPilot 5 decoders: for example, it is possible to equip the locomotive of a multiple unit with a LokSound 5 decoder and the control car with a LokPilot 5 Fx DCC. Provided the same address, both behave absolutely identically. The identical arrangement of the CVs facilitates the tuning of the two decoders.

Operational reliability

On request, a PowerPack can be connected to the LokPilot 5 Fx DCC to bridge dirty rail cuts.


Of course, the outputs are protected against overload. We want you to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

59210 / 8-pin NEM652
59212 / PluX22
59219 / 21MTC
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Technische Daten  
  NMRA/DCC mit 14, 28 und 128 Fahrstufen, DCC RailCom®
  DCC 2-stellige und 4-stellige Adressen (kurze und lange Adressen)
  Analog Gleichspannung (abschaltbar).
  Automatische Erkennung der Betriebsart und DCC-Fahrstufeneinstellung
  Unterstützung der Lenz® LG100, Märklin®, Roco® Bremsstrecken und ZIMO® HLU Befehle
  Unterstützung für ABC Bremsmodus und ABC-Pendelzugstrecke
  Falschfahrbit / Speicherung der Betriebszustände
  Rangiergang und Anfahr- und Bremsverzögerung per Taste schaltbar
  Nicht vorhanden
  10 verstärkte Funktionsausgänge
  Version mit 21MTC-Schnittstelle zusätzlich 2 Logiklevelausgänge sowie 2 weitere Logiklevelausgänge statt SUSI
  Version mit PluX22-Schnittstelle 2 Logiklevelausgänge statt SUSI
  250mA Belastbarkeit pro verstärktem Ausgang
  Summenstrom aller Funktionsausgänge ca. 1500mA. Ausgänge kurzschlussfest
  Belegung der Funktionsausgänge frei wählbar (function mapping)
  16,5mm x 15,5mm x 4,5mm

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery  
  59220 LokPilot 5 Fx DCC, 8-pin NEM652, gauge H0, 0    
  59222 LokPilot 5 Fx DCC, PluX22 NEM658, gauge H0, 0    
  59229 LokPilot 5 Fx DCC, 21MTC NEM660, gauge H0, 0