LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct

The LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct is the “twin” of the LokSound 5 Nano DCC. With its dimensions of 66.0mm x 8.2mm it has been specially developed for installation in Spur N vehicles of the Atlas and Intermountain brands: it can be inserted directly instead of the analog board installed there as standard. However, the decoder can also be used for similar models from other manufacturers at your own discretion.  


The LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct is a "pure-bred" DCC decoder. 14 to 128 speed steps are as natural as 2- and 4-digit addresses. Up to 32 functions can be triggered. Thanks to RailComPlus®, the decoders log on to a suitable DCC System fully automatically.

It masters all DCC programming command stations. Auxiliary registers exist for DCC systems that can only program CVs from 1-255.

The LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct decoder recognizes the Märklin® braking sections as well as ZIMO® HLU / ZACK commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Braking with DCC brake modules or with DC voltage is also possible. It also stops with a Selectrix® brake diode. An ABC automatic shuttle train enables automatic commuting between two stations. The LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct decoder can be used on analog DC trains. The maximum speed can be set separately. The decoder switches between the operating modes fully automatically "on-the-fly".  


The LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct has 10 directly soldered LEDs. Two of them are intended for front and rear head lighting, two more are connected to the aux3 and AUX4 outputs to switch e.g. number boards. A further 6 LEDs on the bottom are intended for ditch lights, but can also be used for other lighting purposes on request. All important lighting functions are available. The brightness of each output can be set separately.  


The motor control of the LokPilot 5 micro DCC Direct has a variable PWM clock frequency from 10kHz to 50kHz, which ensures super-quiet operation, especially for bell anchor motors – the typical "hum" is a thing of the past. The load control can be adapted to difficult cases with up to 10 CVs. The unique "Autotune" function allows the decoder to be automatically measured against the motor. The LokPilot  5 Nano DCC Direct Decoder delivers up to 0.75A motor power.  


Of course, the outputs are protected against overload. We want you to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

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