Adapter boards

Here you will find a selection of adapter boards for extending you decoders.

  • Blindplug for adapter board for LokSound L

    On request, this dummy plug replaces a LokSound 5 L or LokSound L V4.0 decoder in locomotives that are to run on analog systems.

  • PluX22 adapter board 1

    Our new adapter board 3 for decoders with PluX22 interface is best suited for everyone intending to digitise a loco.

  • JST Adapter

    Perfect for Athearn (and others) this new 9 pin (female) 21MTC (Male) adaptor board allows 21MTC decoders to be easily added to your favorite locomotive.

  • Adapter board for LokSound L Select / LokSound L V4.0

    This adapter board provides the suitable connections for your new LokSound L V4.0 decoder.

  • Change over of skis

    You´d like to digitalise a rail car with two slider? Our ski change-over electronic will help you.

  • 21MTC adapter board 3

    This adapter board is meant for 21MTC decoders and is very easy to install.

  • 21MTC adapter board 2

    This adapter board is meant for 21MTC decoders and is very helpful for converting old Märklin® locomotives, when AUX3 and AUX4 are also needed.

  • 21MTC adapter board

    This adapter board meant for decoders helps you to convert your old Märklin locomotives.

  • I/O Expansion board

    With this expansion board you can easily expand your LokPilot V4.0 or LokSound V4.0 decoder (with 21MTC interface!).

  • Adapter board with multi-pin plugs

    Adapter board for LokSound XL V4.0 with multi-pin plugs