Change over of skis

Further information

Many railcars are equipped with a grinder at both ends. For proper function in block locations and for timely stopping in front of red signals, it is essential that depending on the direction of travel, only one grinder is used to power the decoder.

The grinder switch ensures this: it is hung between the pantograph and a LokPilot or LokSound decoder with a 21MTC interface. These generate a control signal that evaluates the grinder switchover electronics and switches the "correct" grinder. It works perfectly in digital and analog mode.

The base of the board has the dimensions 43mm x 24mm.


The LokPilot Basic V1.0 and MKL decoder are not suitable for the grinder switching electronics.

Ordering information

  Item No. Description
  51966 Ski change-over electronics for use with LokSound/LokPilot decoders V3.5 (or newer) with 21MTC (not MKL) connector.