Adapterboard BLI steam engines Paragon 3/4 Decoder

With the help of the BLI Paragon 3/4 (P34) adapter board, H0 Scale tender steam locomotives from Broadway Limited (BLI), in which a Paragon 3 or Paragon 4 decoder was factory installed, can finally be equipped with a LokSound 5 decoder without much effort. All you have to do is open the tender, remove the standard Paragon 3 or 4 decoder and install the BLI P34 adapter board. All connections can be made exactly as before: The type and position of all plug connections is exactly like for the factory installed decoder. No soldering work needs to be done. The locomotive tender coupling can also remain. The locomotive itself does not need to be opened. The LokSound 5 decoder can communicate with the electronics built into the locomotive using a serial protocol and directly control all smoke and light functions. An integrated PowerPack ensures uninterrupted operation even on dirty rails.


The BLI P34 adapter board requires a LokSound 5 decoder with 21MTC interface. From firmware 5.9.159 this can speak the required protocol instead of SUSI. Appropriate preconfigured sound files will gradually be made available on our website.


Ordering information

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NEW! 53952 Adapter board, for BLI steam engines with Paragon 3/4 Decoder, 21MTC, with PowerPack Q2/24