Questions about LokPilot Standard V1.0

  • fold faq Which additional features do the LokPilot V4 offer compared to the LokPilot Standard?

    Quite a few. The LokPilot V4 supports ABC braking, can compute a constant braking distance and can control digital couplers. Furthermore the LokPilot V4 offers many more lighting options. The function mapping of the LokPilot Standard is somewhat more limited and less flexible

  • fold faq Which type of motors can the decoder control?

    The LokPilot Standard supplies a continuous output current of 0.9A. It can easily control all modern 5 pole motors such as the ones by Fleischmann®, Brawa®, ROCO®, Electrotren, Bemo, Liliput, Piko or Tillig. Even the round motors by Märklin® or Fleischmann® can be controlled with this decoder.

  • fold faq For which modelers has the LokPilot Standard been designed?

    The LokPilot Standard is intended for users who want a reliable decoder without any fancy features but do want to use a brand product.