Questions about LokPilot micro V3.0 (and DCC)

  • fold faq How can I drive a multible traction (consist) with a LokSound decoder and a LokPilot decoder?

    I want to have a multiple traction (consist) with a LokSound and with a LokPilot equipped locomotives. How can I do this? 

    There is the problem that the loco equipped with the LokPilot immediately takes off, while the LokSound assembled locomotive stop for so long, until the sound of the starting engine or steam has been established.

    To remedy the situation, the LokPilot V3.0 has the CV 253 "Departure Delay". The departure of the loco will be delayed according to the time delay set in this CV. You can adjust the two decoders until both locos start at the same time, the one with the LokSound and the LokPilot equipped loco as well.

    Very important:

    The LokSound decoder delays the departure of the loco only if the sound is switched on. Therefore, the LokPilot decoder "has to know" whether the sound at the LokSound decoder is on or off. Therefore, the LokPilot decoder knows the function "Sound On / Off" - but this one is a purely "virtual" function. About this fictional feature the LokPilot can find out whether the LokSound decoder has the sound on or off and will start the departure of the loco accordingly.  You must therefore set the function key in the function mapping of the LokPilot decoder for "Sound On / Off" as well as on the LokSound decoder.


    Factory default is, the function key „F1“ switches the sound at the LokSound decoder on / off. Write therefore in CV 148 = 4 and CV 151 = 4 at the LokPilot decoder.