Questions about Loksound V3.5

  • fold faq The supplied speaker is too big!

    I want my steam locomotive retrofitted with a LokSound decoder. Unfortunately, the supplied speakers is to large. Can I install a smaller speaker?

    Of Course. For all LokSound classic, LokSound2, LokSound V3.0, LokSound V3.5, V3.5 micro LokSound we offer a large selection of matching speakers with the correct impedance of 100 ohms. Each of these speakers is appropriate. You should always use the most largest speakers. The larger the speaker, the better the sound.



    The speaker in the double pack that will always need both in series, since each is only 50 ohms impedance.



  • fold faq Connecting the dual speakers 2 x 13 & 2 x 16 mm

    How do I connect the dual speaker set 2 x 13mm (0.51") or 2 x 16mm (0.63")?

    You need to connect these 50 Ohm speaker in series to get the 100 Ohm impedance to prevent an overload of the output amplifier. Never connect any other speaker with lower impedance then 100 Ohm to your decoder! The connection should be this way:  


  • fold faq Can I use my LokSound V3.5 to control a Marklin engine with softdrive c-sine motor?

    Starting with firmware version 0.0.6066 LokSound decoder with 21MTC interface (order # 52499) it is possible to control the new C-Sine motors via the build in PCB board in the locomotive. The LokSound decoder can produce all the necessary signals if all the according CV's are set correctly.
    Load control must be disabled, this feature will be controlled by the C-Sine control circuits.
    To switch off load control in the LokSound decoder set CV 49, Bit 0 to 0.
    The control circuit of the motor will need a special switchable logic voltage, this voltage will be provided by AUX4 output. AUX4 must be active in both directions at stall and drive of the loco (FF & FS).
    Also the AUX4 output (Dimmer) must be at highest level (15).

    Please set the following CVs with the values in the table below:

    CV 11815
    CV 12932
    CV 13232
    CV 13532
    CV 13832


    With the LokProgrammer it looks like this:


    In the last step of this setup procedure in CV 124 Bit 5 must be set which is only available with firmware 0.0.6066. This bit prevents the measurement of the EMF voltage if the load control is switched off (and only then).

    Please make sure that the LokSound V3.5 Decoder has the newest Firmware-Version installed.


    ESU can now provide a 100% compatible solution for the train enthusiast with new drive motors. The factory installed mfx decoder can replaced with an ESU LokSound decoder without any problems.

  • fold faq Diesel has only idle sounds after notching down

    After notching the Diesel engine down using the manual notching function, the Diesel engine remains at an idle speed and does not change with the throttle control, how can this be corrected?

    The Diesel engine sounds will remain at idle after notching down if the notch down function was not released.  To correct the situation, simply release the notch down function by pressing the notch down function key.  Normal running sounds will resume.

  • fold faq Upgrade LokSound Version 3.0 to 3.5

    I want to upgrade my LokSound V3.0 decoder to the new version 3.5. How to do?

    Any LokSound V3.0 decoder can be upgraded to version 3.5. You need to upgrade the firmware to the latest version using the LokProgrammer.