Questions about LokSound V3.0 M4

  • fold faq The supplied speaker is too big!

    I want my steam locomotive retrofitted with a LokSound decoder. Unfortunately, the supplied speakers is to large. Can I install a smaller speaker?

    Of Course. For all LokSound classic, LokSound2, LokSound V3.0, LokSound V3.5, V3.5 micro LokSound we offer a large selection of matching speakers with the correct impedance of 100 ohms. Each of these speakers is appropriate. You should always use the most largest speakers. The larger the speaker, the better the sound.



    The speaker in the double pack that will always need both in series, since each is only 50 ohms impedance.



  • fold faq Connecting the dual speakers 2 x 13 & 2 x 16 mm

    How do I connect the dual speaker set 2 x 13mm (0.51") or 2 x 16mm (0.63")?

    You need to connect these 50 Ohm speaker in series to get the 100 Ohm impedance to prevent an overload of the output amplifier. Never connect any other speaker with lower impedance then 100 Ohm to your decoder! The connection should be this way:  


  • fold faq Loco with M4 decoder drives in the creep despite correct Märklin® Softdrive C-Sinus Motor settings

    What can I do if my loco drives after conversion in the creep despite correct Märklin® Softdrive C-Sinus Motor settings?

    For ESU LokSound V3.0 M4 and LokPilot V3.0 M4 decoders forward and backward trim must be enabled, both should be set to a normal value (e.g. 128), otherwise the locomotive runs only in the creep despite max. speed is set with the Märklin® Softdrive C-Sinus Motor.