LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC

The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC is a genuine power house: With its continuous load capability of .75 Amps. and a size of only 13.5 x 9.0 x 3.5 mm’s ( .54 x .36 x .12 in ) it is perfectly suited for N Scale -, or small HO Locos with limited room and high current drain. The hardware is prepared for the implementation of the NMRA DCC BiDirectional Communication Norm, and a firm-ware upgrade will provide you with its advanced features, free of charge. The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC is available in two variants: With either a separate NEM 651 Norm 6 wire harness-plug combo, or with 6, permanently to the decoder fastened connecting pins.


Operational modes

The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC handles DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps. The decoder recognizes the speed steps automatically. It supports Lenz LG 100, respectively ROCO braking sections, as well as Zimo HLU-commands, or braking in DC-sections with reversed polarity. You can either use short (1 – 127), - or four digit addresses, or assign a consist address. During operation it converses fully automatically between control modes. It is prepared for the NMRA / DCC “BiDirectional Communication“, and a simple upgrade will enable it to take advantage of those benefits. Especially in combination with our ECoScenter, there will be up to now, unheard-of operational possibilities, and play value in the future.


Motor Management

The .75 Amp. continuous-load output handles conventional DC-or ironless core motors (Faulhaber, Maxon ). The 32 kHz High frequency load control (back EMF) assures silky smooth, super silent motor operation, and lets your engines crawl extra slowly on the layout. With Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you may limit the influence of load control and operate real smoothly in the depot area and over turnouts, while on the (fast) main, when going uphill, the engine slows down prototypically.


Analog Mode

With LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC in Analog mode, you can adjust not only start-and high speed (Vstart, Vmax) of your loco, and  determine which of the functions should be active: Even load regulation is activated! At last your locos crawl even in Analog mode as slowly as you’re used to from digital layouts.



Individually programmable acceleration and deceleration (both de-selectable), and selectable switching speed is taken for granted with LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC. For lighting, its two function outputs can handle 140 mA’s each, be dimmed separately for brightness, and allocated to functions, such as dimmer, firebox flicker, Gyra-and Mars light, strobe-and double strobe, flash-and alternate flash (or ditch lights). Available are also time limited functions, e.g. for decoupling. (Telex or other). Live comes to your layout! The special ESU function mapping allows you to allot each function freely to keys F0 – F12, even multiple assignments are possible.



The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC supports all DCC programming modes, including POM(Programming on the main). Programming parameters is especially comfortable and simple for owners of our ECoS central unit: All options are shown in plain language on the display and can be modified very easily – even during operation!


Accident prevention

The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC memorizes the loco’s last speed, if desired. After an interruption it starts up again as quickly as possible.



All function outputs and the motor terminal are overload - and short circuit protected.


Built in future

The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC decoder is firmware upgradeable: As soon as standardization is going to be completed, you will be able to update it to the latest DCC Bi/Di Standards.