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Although or ECoS command station is quite easy to use, we are glad to answer questions that may come up.

If you are already a proud owner of a ECoS system, we may point your interest to our ECoS support bulletin board: On this board which is accessible to ECoS owners only, you can point questions directly to ESU or other, more experienced users.

Common questions

  • fold faq Can I use my Märklin mobile stations as a hand control on the ECoS?

    Yes. Up to 100 mobile stations 60651 and 60652 can be attached to the ECoS. All you need is the adapter cable 60124 (610479 adapter cable mini Din 10p. to 7p.)

    You can assign up to 10 locomotives to each mobile station from the internal loco list. The data protocol is not significant. The mobile station is able to control also DCC locos.

  • fold faq Märklin Class 23 and Class 39 jerks during operation with ECoS / Central Station reloaded

    I have purchased a Märklin Class 23 (or Märklin Class 39) with sound. The loco does not run properly when operated with my ECoS (or Central Station reloaded): It jerks and the sound is highly disorted. With other command stations the loco runs normal. What is do to?

    The reason for this problem is the decoder installed. It is very sensitive in terms of voltage interruptions and prefers a relatively high track voltage. Furthermore it doesn´t cope with the RailCom function of the ESU command station. A correction is possible:

    • Switch off the RailCom function in the setup menu of the ESU command station. Unfortunately you will have to do without the RailCom function when operating those decoders.
    • Increase, if available, the track voltage of the adjustable power supply to approximately 19.5V.

    We are sorry about the problems here which are explicitely caused by the decoder, not the ECoS.

  • fold faq Which devices are being planned for the ECoSlink?

    ESU is in the process of developing a comprehensive digital system around the ECoS.  The first product released for the ECoSlink is the external booster, ECoSBoost. Further devices, such as the ECoSlink Terminal and the ECoSDetector, followed. Other devices, like wired hand controllers, switch position, feed back detectors and much more is planned.

  • fold faq What is the purpose of the PC interface? Is it an open interface?

    The PC interface serves two purposes, the first is to allow for software updates of the ECoS firmware.  The second purpose for the interface is to allow control programs which run on the PC.  The interface is an open protocol that is available to all interested software providers, as well as private users.

    The interface description is available for download at any time.  In order to download the interface description you must be a member (free) of the ECoS support forum.

  • fold faq Do I still need the LokProgrammer if I own the ECoS?

    With the ECoS you are able to program many aspects of the decoder as simply as with the LokProgrammer as the graphical interfaces are very similar in both devices. Using the ECoS you are able to alter the CV values of all ESU decoders.
    So a LokProgrammer is required for the decoder to do sound updates as well as firmware updates.

  • fold faq Which languages can be set in the menu of the ECoS?

    Which languages can be set in the menu of the ECoS?

    German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian 

  • fold faq The loco icon displayed on the ECoSControl radio differs from the ECoS's loco icon.

    The loco icon displayed on the ECoSControl radio differs from the ECoS's loco icon.

    The ECoSControl Radio uses its own set of loco icons. The assignement needs to be done manually on the ECoS.

    You can assign the icon in the menu "Edit loco". Please choose the tab "Properties" and select the sub-menu "External controllers".

    You may now assign the desired symbol.

  • fold faq Set the dimmer for lights and other Aux-outputs with ECoS

    How do I set the dimming function for light and other Aux-Outputs with the ECoS.

    These settings can be easily set up in the menu "Edit loco". To do so, select the tab "Advanced".

    First select your decoder type in the menu "Global settings" (symbol 'i'):


    Please note that the dimmer settings via "Loco edit" are only available for ESU decoders. For decoders from other manufacturers, please use the menu "Decoder programming" in the menu "Setup". To determine the matching CVs, your decoder's user manual may be necessary.

    Change to the menu "Function mapping" (symbol 'AUX') and press the '+'-symbol in the description line:

    The "+"-symbol only appears at outputs which support this extended functionallity.

    The settings screen for the corresponding output appears:


    Choose "dimmer" as type and set the "Dimmer"-bar to the desired value. The settings can now be accepted by clicking "Ok".

    Please note:
    Settings in the function mapping menu will not be written "live" even if the "Live"-Checkbox is set. To write the function mapping and the dimmer settings, please click on the track symbol "write to track".

  • fold faq How much is the ECoS? When will the command station be available?

    The recommended retail price for the ECoS set 50200 (consisting of command station and 90VA power supply) is € 649,99 (incl. 19% value added tax) in Germany. Please ask your retailer for the exact local price.

    Since end of January 2010, the new ECoS is on stock and comes ex works! Your ESU retailer should be able to order an ECoS command station for you any time.

    ECoS 50000 is not available anymore. However, both ECoS devices will be developed in parallel and their functional range will be identical. Of course, there will be further updates for both devices.

    Please find here our ESU retailers world-wide.

  • fold faq Touchscreen on ECoS 50200 does not work

    I got my brand new ECoS 50200 with colour display. But the touch screen seems to be not working at all. What is wrong with it?

    in some rare cases it could happen that the touch screen of the ECoS delivered ex works is without any function and not responsive to pressure.

    Please do not send the ECoS to ESU for repair in this case.

    If the touch screen does not respond to pressure, it needs to be re-calibrated. Usually the ECoS comes with a calibrated touch screen ex works.If the touch screen does not respond to pressure, it needs to be re-calibrated. Usually the ECoS comes with a calibrated touch screen ex works. Please go ahead as follows:

    • Push the function buttons F2 and F7 of the left AND the right throttle at the same time. 
    • Now the calibration screen appears.
    • Please follow the instructions shown on the screen: Please push the occuring red and green crosses one after another by using the attached stylus. Please try to hit the crosses as exactly as possible.
    • Now the message "Calibration finished" appears on the screen. The calibration will be saved when you push the OK button. Now the touch screen works as it should. If the message "Calibraton could not be carried out" occurs, the crosses haven´t been hit precisely. In this case please repeat the procedure.

    We would sincerely like to apologise for the inconvenience caused!

  • fold faq Does the ECoS sends the old Fleischmann FMZ format?

    Understand the ECoS actually also the old Fleischmann FMZ (6800 Central) format and are therefore the old FMZ decoder of the first generation of further use?

    No. This FMZ decoder can not be operated with the ECoS. 

  • fold faq Which connector is installed on the ECoS power supply?

    ESU used for all power supplies a plug with 2.1mm diameter, also called the "DC Jack".These are internationally standardized and customary.For DC power supplies, the leading center pin Plus, outside ground. Matching 2.1mm jacks are available from Conrad Electronics under the part number 738190.

  • fold faq Can I connect my Trix mobile station?

    The Trix® mobile station® does not use the CAN bus based ECoSlink bus, even if it is very much similar in appearance to the Märklin® counterpart. 

    A direct connection is not possible and would destroy your ECoS.  

    A connection is possible via the ECoSniffer input. In this way you can run locos in DCC format on the Trix® mobile station®, but not Selectrix® locomotives.  

  • fold faq My Märklin® digital signals do not work with the ECOS!

    My Märklin® digital signals of the 763xx series are not working with my ECoS! Why?

    The first light signals from the 763xx series with integrated decoder due to a software error of the signal decoder does not work properly with multi-protocol exchanges.

    The current signals marked on the underside of the electronic signal with a colored dot. 

    If you have signals without the colored point, you'll need to send your signal to Märklin® for an exchange. Ask your dealer Digital accordance with the procedures of the update action between old and new signal electronics.

  • fold faq Can I continue to use my previous ESU mobile control?

    Yes. In December 2007 there was a software update for the ECoS and the mobile control which allowed the devices to continue to work together.  Your investment in the previous mobile control is protected.

  • fold faq Can the symbols of the locomotives be changed?

    Yes, both the locomotive symbol and the symbols for all the function keys can be assigned from an extensive list of offered symbols.