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Questions about ECoSControl Radio

  • fold faq How can I update my ECoSControl Radio?

    The current version of the ECoSControl Radio firmware can be found in the download-area. For the installation of new ECoSControl firmware, the Microsoft Windows® operating system will be needed.

    To install the update, you need a LokProgramme and a cable with a 2-pole 2,54mm-Jack and connection to the LokProgrammer (LokProgrammer plug or mini pin-plug).

    Unzip the downloaded file and install the update tool. Start the Update Tool via Start->All Programms->ESU ECoSControl Radio Firmware-Update X.Y, with X.Y as the current firmware version.

    Unmount the receiver module from the ECoS or Central Station Reloaded. Connect the LokProgrammer and receiver module via the 2-pole plug on the PCB.

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    After the update of the receiver module is finished, connect the handheld controller via the 2-pole plug in the left battery compartment.

    The handheld controller has to be switched off (Slide switch in "outer" position).


    Follow the further instructions given by the update tool.

    Please note:
    The receiver module and the handheld controller need to have the same software version to operate.


  • fold faq The loco icon displayed on the ECoSControl radio differs from the ECoS's loco icon.

    The loco icon displayed on the ECoSControl radio differs from the ECoS's loco icon.

    The ECoSControl Radio uses its own set of loco icons. The assignement needs to be done manually on the ECoS.

    You can assign the icon in the menu "Edit loco". Please choose the tab "Properties" and select the sub-menu "External controllers".

    You may now assign the desired symbol.

  • fold faq Is it possible to use the ECoSControl Radio in combination with other command stations?

    The ECoSControl Radio was especially developed for the use with our ECoS central stations. However, you may also use the Märklin Central Station 60212, after you apply the ESU Central Station Update 3.0.0 Reloaded to it.

  • fold faq Can I also use rechargeable batteries?

    Certainly. The ECoSControl Radio works with both (alkaline) batteries and rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries.
    With each ECoSControl Radio we will supply a kit of 4 NiMH rechargeable batteries and a charger as well.

  • fold faq How big is the hand controller?

    The size is approximately 18cm x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm (7.1" x 3" x 1") and is compact enough to be operated even with one hand.

  • fold faq What is the difference between the ECoSControl Radio and the Bachmann Dynamis?

    ESU developed the Bachmann® Dynamis®, it uses Infra-Red technology to connect to the receiver, the full functionally system is a affordable DCC-System (incl. Booster) for beginners and users they like to switch to a modern digital system.

    The ECoSControl Radio uses radio technology to work as a wireless full function handheld with the ESU ECoS.
    The handheld looks like the Dynamis® but inside the enclosure it is totally different. The display has a full graphics capability and the unit can control more locos and accessories as the Dynamis®.

    It is possible to connect the Dynamis® system to the ECoS sniffer port.

  • fold faq Do the ECoSControl Radio and the mobile control 50100 handheld work together?

    Unfortunately not. Due to its different radio frequency the ECoSControl Radio and the mobile control do not work together.

  • fold faq Will the mobile control handheld still be produced?

    No. The ECoSControl Radio is intended to replace the mobile control handheld completely. However, some remnants might still be available at your retailer's shop.

  • fold faq Which radio frequency is used by the ECoSControl Radio?

    The device works within a 2.4GHz band. That makes operation both in the USA and Europe possible.