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Questions about Mobile Control II

  • fold faq What happens if the battery is no longer working? Do I need to discard the device?

    Of course not. In contrast to most modern mobile phones, it is possible to exchange the battery. After removing the rear plastic cover by simply unscrewing it, you may disconnect the battery and replace it with a new one. ESU will supply spare parts.

  • fold faq Can I use the Mobile Control II in parallel with my ECoSControl Radio?

    Yes. You can operate both systems at the same time on one ECoS Command station.

  • fold faq Can I use the Mobile Control II also with other types of command stations?

    In principle the Mobile Control II is as an open platform basically open for operation with other digital command stations. One requirement is, of course, that these command station have a WLAN interface. Furthermore additional software (apps) by others has to be installed on the Mobile Control II. ESU invites all software developers to adapt their apps for the Mobile Control II. The apps provided by ESU currently only support the ESU command stations.

  • fold faq I would like to adapt my app to the Mobile Control II. Is that possible?

    Of course. ESU will publish the programming interface (API) for additional data entry elements so that your app can control the throttle knob as well as the four buttons on the sides.

  • fold faq Do you supply a battery charger with the Mobile Control II?

    The Mobile Control II Set 50113 will be supplied with a mains plug power unit for the mini access point. The latter may also be used for recharging the batteries of the device.  The single handheld throttle 50114 will be supplied with an USB charger cable that may be connected to any commercially available USB charger (e.g. for mobile phones).


  • fold faq Why has the Mobile Control II a plug for a headset?

    You can use a headset (earphones plus microphone) for listening to music while running your trains or, for instance, to communicate via Skype® with others taking part in the operating session. Keep in mind: your Mobile Control II is a fully fledged Android device!

  • fold faq How big is the handheld throttle?

    The dimensions are ca. 16.5cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm and thus the throttle can be handled comfortably with one hand.

  • fold faq Will you continue to manufacture the ECoSControl Radio?

    Will you continue to manufacture the ECoSControl Radio?

    No. Mobile Control II will completely replace all previously supplied radio control devices.