LokSound V3.0 M4 - Really brings your locos to life

As a convinced owner of Märklin®-systems, who puts emphasis on realistic operation, you can’t pass up LokSound V3.0 M4.

Operational modes

The multi-protocol LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder handles M4 and Motorola®. You can use it with all past Märklin® stations, such as 6020, 6021 and delta®; or on analog AC layouts. The decoder supports addresses 1 – 80, and stops correctly on the Märklin® braking section. In combination with a mfx® station, it shows off all the M4 advantages.

Motor management

The last stage output runs DC or coreless motors. Load control (back EMF) with 32 kHz High frequency regulation takes care of silky smooth, absolutely silent motor operation, and lets your engines crawl super-slowly on the layout.


The LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder can replay all loco typical sounds. It can record up to 130 seconds of sound in its 16 MBit flash-chip. Besides load-dependant operational sound it can reproduce air – or water pumps, switching noise, brake squeal or other sound sequences. These are transferred via four polyphonic channels to the last stage audio amplifier.

Analog operation

The LokSound V3.0 M4 also works (without sound) on analog AC layouts. Even starter – and top speed can be controlled. At last you can slow down your old highspeed locos.


The LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder sports four function outputs, which can be allocated individually to a function and are dimmable in 15 steps. Besides beacon, strobe and alternate flashing, there is simulated firebox flicker as well as Mars light or Gyra light.


All parameters of the LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder can be modified comfortably with the systems’s stations, right during operation. The built-in genuine duplex communication between systems’s central unit and decoder makes this possible. For owners of 6020®,- 6021® – or delta® stations, the LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder utilises the time-proven, simple programming procedure.


All function outputs and the motor connection are overload- and short circuit protected.

Built-in future

LokSound V3.0 M4 decoders are firmware updatable: The interne decoder software can be replaced.

Variety of sound

ESU offers the LokSound V3.0 M4 decoder in many different variations for your preferred prototype. All parameters are factory pre-adjusted (default), so that the screen of your mfx®-station not only displays the correct loco type, but also the function-status symbol.