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LokSound V3.0 M4 - Technical data

Operational modes: M4 with 128 speed steps
  Motorola® (old and new) with 14 or 28 speed steps and up to 255 addresses in Motorola® operation
  Analog AC (de-selectable)
  Automatic recognition of operational mode
  Supports Märklin® brake section
  Wrong-direction bit / Stores operational status
  Intelligent programming mode with Märklin® 6021®
Throttle: 1.1 A continuous load
  Runs DC-, coreless and AC motors (with Hamo-retrofit) (AC motors only after being changed into DC via HAMO magnet)
  Silent, safe 32 kHz pulse-width frequency regulation
  Motor output overload protected. Fourth generation back EMF (de-selectable)
Function outputs: 4 outputs, 2 of which for light functions
  250 mA load per output
  Total current of all functions ca. 500 mA. Outputs short-circuit protected.
  Free function allocation (function mapping) F0 - F15
Sound features: 4 (!) independent sound channels
  High Performance bridge-tied amplifier, ca. 0.6 Watt
  Sound data in memory chip changeable
  Modes for Steam engines, Diesel hydraulic locos, Diesel electric locos, Electro locos.
  16 MBit storage capacity (up to 130 seconds)
Loudspeaker: High-quality loudspeaker, 23mm (0.92 in.) included, 100 Ohm with sound chamber
Dimensions: 31mm x 15.5mm x 6.5mm (1.24 x 0.62 x 0.26 inch)