ECoSControl Radio - The new freedom

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ECoSControl Radio - The new freedom!

Today we are proud to present the ideal expansion for your ESU ECoS command station and your Central Station "Reloaded V3.0.0" to you: The ECoSControl Radio gives you the opportunity to control locos, stationary decoders and routes via state of the art radio communication.

Freedom through wireless radio communication

The ECoSControl Radio handheld is equipped with ultra-modern radio technology that enables it to communicate with a radio receiver. The radio receiver is plugged into the ECoSlot terminal of your ECoS command station or your Central Station "Reloaded" and the ECoS powers it. This modern, fast and duplex communicating radio technology achieves a range that allows a reliable operation of your layout under normal circumstances at any time. Due to its radio technology you do not necessarily need intervisibility between the handheld and the radio receiver; radio waves even pervade walls and there is no interference by sun or neon light, whether outside or in the basement

Ergonomics and function combined

Once you hold the ECoSControl Radio in your hands you will immediately find that its shape was influenced by ESU´s long lasting experience about the design of throttles: Due to its ergonomically engineering you can reach all function keys very easily, the arrangement and marking of the buttons is plausible. A large display informs you about your locos and turnouts. The handheld is to handle as easy as your mobile phone.
One unique feature is the thumb joystick. The more it is pushed up, the more acceleration the loco gets. This kind of innovative operation, developed by ESU, can even be controlled blindly: You can concentrate your attention to your layout and locos.


Fantastic possibilities come apparent when you use the ECoSControl Radio handheld in combination with your ECoS command station: Since both devices synchronize their data you have to put in the name and symbol of the loco only once and it remains up to date with all units. The ECoSControl Radio is also able to switch magnetic-electric accessories and routes, whose names, addresses and symbols are indicated correctly on the display. This does also apply to your locomotives, all basic properties such as the name of the loco, its symbol and function key assignment is indicated on the display.
You may also use the ECosControl Radio for the Märklin Central Station 60212, after having applied the ESU Central Station "Update 3.0.0 Reloaded" to it.

How to operate a loco

The ECoSControl Radio is capable to control up to 100 locomotives. It naturally recognises 14, 28 or 128 speed steps and it takes over all settings of the corresponding loco. Each loco controlled by the ECoS command station can also be controlled by the ECoSControl Radio handheld, independent of its protocol. For each of the function keys assigned to a loco you can decide whether it will be latching or non-latching.

How to switch stationary decoders

All in all you can transmit and control up to 4 ECoS keyboards together with respectively 16 accessories such as turnouts or signals. The difference between 2, 3 and 4 aspect magnetic- electronic accessories will be retained.

More fun at play

A dot matrix backlit LCD display always informs you about the most important operational parameters such as loco address, loco symbol, speed (in mph or speed steps) as well as function key status. The ECoSControl Radio indicates if a loco was assigned by another operator or if there is an emergency stop on the layout.


You can use up to 6 ECoSControl Radio handhelds per receiver module. In this way every family member is able to control his or her locos independently.

Included in delivery of 50111