Former ESU products

Here you will find some information about ESU products which are not produced anymore and therefore are not available ex works. However, it is likely that your retailer might still have some of them on stock.

  • ECoSBoost - Pure energy

    The ECoSBoost is the ideal extention for your ECoS or Central Station®, if you need more continuous-load output. The ECoSBoost is able to output DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix® and mfx®, depending on your command station. A RailCom® and mfx-feedback device is integrated.

  • NEM652 adapter board for PluX12,16,22

    This adapter board can be easily plugged into your loco with a PluX12, PluX16 or PluX22 jack, then you are able to install any decoder with a conventional 8-pin plug.

  • LokSound V4.0

    Our new LokSound V4.0 decoder for gauge H0 and 0 can be operated with DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix® and shines with a range of new ideas...

  • LokSound V4.0 M4

    The LokSound V4.0 M4 is the world´s first Quad-protocol decoder! Aside from DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®, all incorporated into the LokSound V4.0, the LokSound V4.0 M4 also speaks the M4 protocol!

  • LokSound micro V4.0

    The LokSound micro V4.0 also speaks DCC, Selectrix® and Motorola®. Due to its small shape it is perfectly suitable for TT and N gauges.

  • LokSound XL V4.0

    The LokSound XL V4.0 for the „big“ gaues G and I speaks DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4.

  • ECoS 50200 DCC System

    The new ECoS is the latest state-of-the-art multi-protocol command station by ESU. Fully equipped with a coloured touchpanel display, two motor-driven cabs and 4A output load, it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • ECoS 50000 DCC System

    The ECoS is a multiprotocol command station made by ESU. Fully equipped with touch display, two throttle knobbs and 4.0A continuous-load output - it leaves nothing to be desired.

  • ECoSControl Radio - The new freedom

    The ECoSControl Radio is a wireless radio throttle for your ECoS command station. Finally you are able to move around your layout and run your locos and turnouts freely.

  • Navigator

    The new Navigator is an ideal command station for digital beginners. Reasonable equipment for a good price!

  • Central Station® V3.0.0 - Reloaded

    You would finally like to conquer the new world with your Central Station® 60212? The new ESU Update makes it possible!

  • PowerPack

    The ESU Power Pack can be optionally connected to all LokPilot V4.0, LokPilot micro V4.0, LokSound V4.0, LokSound micro V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 M4 decoders.

  • Decoder tester

    You want to test your decoder before you install it into a loco? Well, the decoder tester is the ideal choice: It´s so easy to handle and knows all kind of interfaces.

  • SwitchPilot - Do as you please

    The SwitchPilot is a switch- and turnout decoder with outstanding features: Beside 4 twin coil magnetic articles it is able to control 2 servos and confirm it via RailCom.

  • SwitchPilot Servo - Someting is moving

    The SwitchPilot Servo is able to control up to RC-servos. With its help you are enabled to depict many different motion sequences.

  • Navigator DCC

    The Navigator DCC is an ideal command station for digital beginners. Reasonable equipment for a good price!

  • LokSound V3.5

    LokSound V3.5 for gauges 0 and H0 understand DCC and Motorola®.

  • LokSound micro V3.5

    LokSound micro V3.5 is suitable for gauges TT and N and speaks DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®.

  • LokSound XL V3.5

    LokSound XL V3.5 for the “big” ones, G and I, also masters DCC and Motorola®.

  • LokSound V3.0 M4

    LokSound V3.0 M4 for gauges 0 and H0 is conceived for the Märklin® system.

  • LokSound XL V3.0 M4

    Der LokSoundXL V3.0 M4 is meant for gauge I, G and speaks Motorola® and M4.

  • LokPilot Basic V1.0

    The LokPilot Basic V1.0 is our entrance model and appeals to the price-conscious DCC-modeler.

  • LokPilot Fx V3.0

    The LokPilot Fx V3.0 is used to digitize motor-less rolling stock. It offers up to 6 function outputs and speaks DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®.

  • LokPilot V3.0

    The LokPilot V3.0, top of the range, speaks DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix®. Armed for the NMRA DCC BiDirectional Standard („RailCom®“).

  • LokPilot V3.0 DCC

    The LokPilot V3.0 DCC speaks DCC only and is also armed for NMRA DCC BiDirectional Standard („RailCom®“).

  • LokPilot Fx micro V3.0

    The LokPilot Fx V3.0 is a functional decoder for motorless rolling stock. It speaks DCC and Motorola® and can switch up tp six functions.

  • LokPilot micro V3.0

    The brand new LokPilot micro V3.0 speaks DCC, Motorola® & Selectrix® and opens up all possibilities for the N-Gauger.

  • LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC

    The LokPilot micro V3.0 DCC is a pure DCC decoder only, but offers a higher motor output load and is prepared for the coming RailCom® feedback.

  • LokPilot V3.0 M4

    The LokPilot V3.0 M4 could be the choice of all Märklin®-systems fans, who want maximum play value.

  • LokPilot XL V3.0

    The all-new LokPilot XL V3.0 can be used with DCC or Motorola® and cannot only provide up to 3.0A continuous load for the motor, but also switch up to 8 (!) function outputs. Thanks to the „PowerPack“ energy reservoir, the orror of dirty tracks outside is a thing of the past.