48 LokPilot XL V3.0 - PowerPack for outdoors

The LokPilot XL V3.0 is the worthy successor of the two LokPilot XL V1.0 decoders: Naturally the „new one“ also sports a 3.0 Amp continuous load, but apart from that it was heavily modified: Next to 8 ( ! ) function outputs for activating extra function-features, the integrated „power pack“ is a standard part of each LokPilot XL V3.0 decoder. Thanks to this energy reservoir, the horror of dirty tracks outside is a thing of the past.


Operational modes

LokPilot XL V3.0 can handle DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps as well as Motorola. It supports Lenz LG100 resp. ROCO braking sections as well as Zimo HLU-commands-, or braking in DC sections with reversed polarity-, or the Märklin braking section (also for DCC). You can either assign a short-, or four digit address. The Motorola protocol facilitates the operation of the LokPilot XL V3.0 decoders with Märklin centers 6020, 6021, Delta, mobile station and central station. For those, the decoders can handle addresses 01 – 255 and come to a halt at the correct position on the Märklin braking section. The LokPilot XL V3.0 converses during operation fully automatically between all control modes (Motorola, DCC, DC, AC) and recognizes the speed steps automatically.


Motor Management

The 4th generation load control performs with up to 32 kHz pulse-width frequency and thus assures extremely quiet, smooth motor operation, especially with ironless core motors. Thanks to 10-Bit technology, your locos will crawl super-slowly. Load control can be adapted very easily to various combinations of motors and gearing. With Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can limit the influence of load control and run your loco real smoothly in the depot area and over turnouts, while on the main, when travelling uphill, the train slows down prototypically.


Analog Operation

With the LokPilot XL V3.0 in Analog mode you can adjust not only start-and high speed (Vstart, Vmax) of your loco, and determine which of the functions should be active: Even load regulation is activated.



Individually programmable acceleration and deceleration (both de-selectable), and selectable switching speed is a matter of course with the LokPilot XL V3.0. Since experience shows that there is a lot to be shifted and switched in big engines, we built in an additional eight ( ! ) functions. Each output can be allocated separately to a function: There is flash, alternate flash, (or ditch lights), strobe light, firebox flicker as well as Mars-or Gyra light for US models. All function outputs can be assigned to one function key (F0 – F15), and are dimmable in 15 steps.



LokPilot XL V3.0 supports all DCC programming modes, including POM (Programming on the main). All programming is done electronically, even for Märklin stations 6020, 6021, mobile station and central station. For these units LokPilot XL V3.0 employs a time proven, easily acquired programming procedure.


Accident prevention

LokPilot XL V3.0 with its integrated „Power Pack“ offers an energy reservoir, which assures continued feed of motor and decoder up to 1 second, should there be a current interruption. This major contribution to operational safety is easy to apply: Thanks to factory installation, the decoder does everything fully automatically!



All function outputs and the motor connection are overload, – and short circuit protected.


Built in future

The LokPilot XL V3.0 is firmware upgradable and can be updated with the BiDi-function, as soon as NMRA standardization is implemented.