SwitchPilot - Do as you please

Worldwide, the SwitchPilot is the first multi protocol switch-, and turnout decoder for activating up to 4 twin coil magnetic articles ( e.g. turnouts ) or 8 loads, like remote uncoupling tracks, or lamps ( e.g. turnout,-street,-or building illumination ). Due to its intelligent software (typically ESU ! ) it can be utilized with DCC or Motorola®. The SwitchPilot comes in a robust housing at an attractive price.

Modes of operation

SwitchPilot can be used with DCC or Motorola®. It is compatible with the DCC- Norm and reacts to switch commands. In Motorola® mode, addresses 01 – 127 are possible. Recognition of control mode is fully automatic.


The SwitchPilot is being powered either directly by the digital central station itself, or separately by a DC-or AC source (transformer). Up to 4 twin coil actuators of all known manufacturers can be connected to its 8 transistorized outputs, each delivering 1 Amp steady current. In order to avoid coil burn out of actuators without built-in protection, the switch- pulse length at each outlet can be chosen freely between 0.1 and 1 second. In this mode the SwitchPilot performs k83-compatible.

Alternatively, each output can deliver continuous power for setting up routes, or illumination of streets and buildings. Special effects, such as cross fading or Mars Lights help to realize prototypical lighting situations, e.g. warning at crossings etc. Here the SwitchPilot assumes the more important features of the well known k-84 decoder.

Servo Control

The SwitchPilot can do even more: Apart from the transistorized outlets, two conventional RC-Servos can be controlled directly through the SwitchPilot. For each Servo, not only lever speed can be adjusted individually, but also its end positions. Thus it’s possible to operate especially prototypically slow and powerful turnout motors, independent of track- gauge and system. You could also employ the servo actuator for driving signal arms and „high balls", or crossing gates, and so on: The aficionado model railroader can surely think of plenty more uses…


However, SwitchPilot wouldn’t be a typical ESU-product, if it couldn’t do even more: In combination with an ECoS-central station as an ideal „partner" SwitchPilot can detect and show the actual position of the switch points, if you rig the turnout mechanically. At last you can be sure the turnout is really thrown correctly!


The SwitchPilot can be programmed especially comfortably: For one thing it supports all DCC-modes of programming, including POM (Programming on the main). (Assuming a central station with an outlet for a programming track, all adjustments can be controlled and modified).

On the other hand, you can allocate addresses via the programming key directly from the SwitchPilot: Push a button – a command is triggered at the centre – finished!

The programming of parameters is especially comfortable for owners of our ECoS-central station: On a large display all parameters are shown in plain language, and can be changed real easy – even during operation!


As was the case already with our Mobile (loco) Decoders, in the design phase greatest emphasis has been placed upon near indestructibility of the SwitchPilot: All transistorized outputs are protected against overload and short circuits. That means ESU-quality is also built into our Stationary (Turnout) Decoders – now and in the future. You can rely on it!

Removable connecting terminals