LokPilot V4.0 digital sets 21MTC

Further information

Many model railroaders would like to exchange their old interface for the modern 21MTC version when converting their aged Märklin® locomotives and look for a simple and affordable opportunity to do so.

For this application, we offer our new digital conversion sets. Besides a LokPilot V4.0 M4 (64614) multi-protocol digital decoder with 21MTC interface, the set includes one of three appropriate permanent magnets, two choke coils as well as the appropriate adapter board 51968. The adapter board 51968 simulates the well-known Delta® bzw. 6090x decoders in shape and size and in most cases, can be plugged directly into the specified holding.

Another advantage of the interface is that a subsequent decoder change can be carried out without soldering. The model railroader also benefits from the price advantage of buying the whole set.

Conversion is simple - you can easily do it yourself!