LokPilot V3.0 M4 - The All-round Talent

The LokPilot V3.0 M4 was developed from scratch especially for Märklin® systems. It reflects years of experience, gathered by ESU during the engineering of digital decoders.

Operational modes

The LokPilot V3.0 M4 is a genuine multi-protocol decoder: Besides its main field of application in combination with mfx® stations, it handles Motorola® command stations (e.g. Märklin® 6021) as well as conventional AC driven layouts. The LokPilot V3.0 M4 recognizes the operational mode fully automatically and converts on the fly.

Motor management

The LokPilot V3.0 M4 runs DC – and coreless motors directly, while all-current motors need a Hamo-magnet retrofit. The motor is driven by 40 kHz Pulse width frequency (PWM) for a super silent, safe run. Together with the 128 M4 speed steps and fourth generation back EMF, unprecedented performance is realized.

Analog operation

The LokPilot V3.0 M4 also operates on analog AC layouts, on which even starter – and top speed can be limited individually. At last you can slow down your old high-speed runners.


The LokPilot V3.0 M4 sports four function outputs, which can be dimmed, and allocated individually to a function. Besides beacon, strobe and alternate flashing, there is a Mars light as well as a Gyra light.


The LokPilot V3.0 M4 can be adapted to any loco or operational mode. For this, you can comfortably change parameters with the systems-stations – during operation and without having to open the loco or put it on a programming track. That’s made possible through the built-in, genuine Duplex communication between systems-center station and decoder. For owners of 6020®, 6021® – or delta® stations the LokPilot V3.0 M4 decoder utilises the time-proven, simple programming procedure.


All function outputs and the motor connection are overload – and short circuit protected.

Built-in future

The intern decoder software can be replaced by a new firmware update, if desired.