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LokPilot Fx V4.0 - Technical data

Operational modes: DCC 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  DCC long and short addresses
  DCC traction address (Consist Mode)
  DCC LGB pulse control
  Automatic speed step detection
  Lenz® LG 100, ROCO® brake unit
  Lenz® ABC brake unit
  ZIMO® HLU commands
  DC analogue operation
  Motorola® 14 speed steps
  Motorola® 28 speed steps
  Motorola® address 1 - 80
  Motorola® address 1 - 127
  Motorola® address 1 - 255
  Märklin® brake unit
  AC analogue operation
  Automatic detection of operational mode
Function outputs: 6 amplified function outputs with short-circuit protection
  250mA current of each output
  2 (switchable) logic level outputs
  Separate output dimming
  Light effects like Blinking lights, Marslight, Fire box flickering etc.
  Time-controlled function outputs
  Function Mapping V4.0 ESU (F0 - F28)
  Serial protocol (for SUSI)
DCC service mode programming modes: (Register Mode, Address Only, Direct Mode)
  DCC POM (Programming On the Main)
  Programming mode for Märklin® 6021
Specials: RailCom® feedback system
  Storage of current operational state (memory)
  Motorola® wrong-direction bit
Dimensions in mm: 17,5x15,5x5,5

Please note:

Decoder can be used on Selectrix® layouts. Programming in DCC mode only. Programming with exclusive Selectrix® devices not possible.