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ECoSControl Radio

ECoS is well prepared for the application of our wireless ECoS Control Radio remote control unit: A special receiver card fits into a module terminal, called ECoSlot. The ECoSControl Radio integrates perfectly into the ECoS-system and acts like a fully featured cable-bound throttle.


Of course all DCC conform boosters can be connected to the ECoS command station: There is a corresponding socket. Also, the widely known Märklin® 6017 boosters (or compatible products) can be used.  

Alternatively, you can decide on the separately available ECoS booster, which connects directly to the ECoSlink bus: As a matter of fact, it incorporates a RailCom® detector, so you can use their great features. The integrated M4 feedback function makes it possible that Märklin® locomotives with mfx®-decoders are recognized in the booster area.

Each ECoSBoost is controlled and configured most comfortably by the ECoS. Additionally, the display can be dialled up to show you the present power consumption of each booster, so you know how much „reserves“ you still got..


ECoS offers a factory built-in galvanically isolated (!) s88 feedback interface for the very popular s88-modules. They serve as track occupancy detectors and may be used for controlling routes and shuttle train operations. An integrated s88-Monitor helps during the set-up and testing of your feedback modules.

In addition to this occupied tracks can be displayed within the ECoS track diagram.

ECoSDetector feedback modules

If you do not want to use the s88 system anymore or even replace it, the ECoSDetector is the perfect choice. It finally makes a reliable track occupancy detection possible. Beyond this, it recognizes, in combination with a  RailCom® compliant decoder, any loco on the controlled area.

L.Net Adapter

With the L.Net Adapter you can already use existing handheld throttles and feedback modules fully and bi-directionally integrate in the ECoS system. Thus nothing more should stand in the way of using Daisy®-, Fred®- or ProfiBoss® handheld throttles!

Dynamis® Pro Box

The Dynamis® system, which has been cooperatively developed by ESU and Bachmann®, offers an attractive possibility of expansion. This infrared based system can be connected to the ECoSlink bus via the Bachmann® Pro Box (available from Bachmann®).

Your ECoS provides up to 4 infrared transmitters, with which you are able to control up to 40 locomotives with 20 functions each, as well as magnetic accessories. The booster output can be used additionally.


Our bus system ECoSlink allows the extension of your ECoS command station. You may connect 128 external handheld unit throttles (e.g. Märklin® mobile station® 60651, 60652), ECoSDetector feedback modules, ECoSBoosters and other extensions.

ECoSlink is based on the CAN industrial standard, is suitable for a maximum cable length of 100 metres and provides excellent data transmission. ECoSlink operates with 250 kBit / second and is „hot-plug“ and „plug&play“ capable. All devices report automatically to the system and can be removed or reconnected during operation.

Mobile Station®

The most well-known device compatible with ECoSlink is the mobile station® of Märklin®. You are able to control up to 10 locomotives with the mobile station®.

Computer interface

The computer interface (according to RJ45 Ethernet standards) enables you to download updates, to save and recall all ECoS data on your PC (back-up). Above that, you are able to control your layout by a computer with the help of external controlling software or to have transferred the screen content to a computer.