Navigator - For beginners

At this point we present to you our new Navigator system. This digital command station was developed for model railroaders who operate a small or a midsize layout and who do not want to abandon contemporary control techniques. Thanks to its bi-directional infrared technique, the Navigator allows wireless control of your locos!

The Navigator had also been available as well-priced DCC version. However, this version is sold out now.

Run locos

The Navigator controls up to 40 locomotives; locos speaking DCC or Motorola® are appropriate. Depending on the decoders´ abilities, the Navigator switches up to 21 functions per locomotive and is able to handle up to 9999 addresses (up to 255 addresses are possible during Motorola® operation). Of course every loco can be named and assigned individually with an adequate symbol.

Multiple consists

You can also drive multiple consists with the Navigator; up to 6 locomotives can be moved at the same time. During consist operation access to the functions of each loco is granted - at any time; e.g. you are able to activate the horn of the leading loco.

Switch magnetic accessories

As is expected of a modern digital command station, the Navigator also switches your magnetic accessories and turnouts. It doesn´t matter whether you still use the original Märklin® k83 or k84, or the SwitchPilot which is compatible to it; you may construct up to 100 magnetic accessories on your layout and switch them. The Navigator handles Motorola® and DCC decoders.

Locomotive settings

Sometimes you cannot avoid changing the settings of your decoders during digital analog operation. The Navigator supports you with the programming of the decoders via its clearly structured operation interface. All CVs of DCC decoders can be read and changed on the programming track. If you use programmable Motorola® decoders (e.g. Märklin® mfx® decoders), you are able to change all appropriate registers (01-80) without any difficulty.

Connections of central unit
Connections of central unit