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Technical data SwitchPilot Servo

Operational modes: NMRA/DCC „Accessory Decoder“ compatible
  Motorola® compatible up tp 127 addresses. K83 compatible.
  Powered either by command station or separately DC- or AC source (transformer) up to 18V.
Servo Control: 4 servo outputs for RC servos (ESU, Graupner® JR® or Futaba® compatible), 1.0ms to 2.0mS pulse length, positive. Lever speed and end positions separately adjustable.
RailCom®: Integrated RailCom® feedback for reading CVs on the main track and reporting the servo position to the command station.
Input keys: Programming either directly to command station via DCC or input key, consisting of 3 buttons and LED display (5 LEDs) for direct address indication as well as two end positions and lever speed of all 4 servos.
Dimensions: 95mm x 85mm x 22mm (3.74 inch x 3.35 inch x 0.87 inch)