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Technical data - Navigator DCC

Central unit: H4 booster with 3.0A continuous output-load
  H4 output programming track with 0.25A
  Connection for ECoSlink (slave jack, for ECoS connection)
  Possibility to connect 5 IR receivers (4 connections for cable extension, 1 direct connection for plug on)
  DCC with 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  Up to 9999 addresses in DCC operation; up to 21 functions per loco
  DCC track formats to control magnetic accessories
  Up to 40 loco objects and 100 switching objects possible.
  All DCC service modes programming on programming track, POM (programming on the main).
Remote control unit: Wireless bi-directional IR communication
  Backlit FSTN LC dispay (custom designed); displays name of loco, speed, driving direction, state of function keys
  11 function keys + shift key to activate 21 functions each per each
  4 menu keys
  Emergency stop and direction switch key
  4-way joystick for speed control and loco selection
  2 battery cases for rechargable batteries (current supply)
IR receiver: Wide range receiver including 5 IR transmitter diodes and 2 receivers
  Direct connection possible or extension via 8-pin plug cable
  Wall fastening possible
Included in delivery: Navigator central unit
  IR receiver module
  IR remote control unit
  Adjustable power supply 15V-21V (90VA)
  Terminals for mail track and programming track connection
  Carrying strap for remote control unit
  Set of 4 batteries (Alkaline, „AAA“)
  Instruction manual