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Navigator - Features & operation

The Navigator is comfortably equipped to ensure you the most enjoyable control of your locomotives.

Remote control unit

The Navigator remote control unit communicates via a wireless infrared technique with its receiver (the central unit). As long as you are within a radius of approximately 22 feet of the receiver you will be able to reliably control your layout. The wide-angle optic-infrared communication will take care that you only have to produce a visual contact; you do not need to target the receiver. The advantageously shaped and well-balanced body with a centered back-lit (FSTN) display allows you direct access to the speed and the first ten functions of the selected locomotive. With the unique „joystick“ you control the locomotive’s speed with your thumb. The Navigator is operated with AAA batteries and can be worn around the neck using the provided strap.

Central unit

The receiver unit includes a complete central unit together with a booster for the main track connection, a programming track output, and a computer interface. An ECoSlink connection is already provided for a subsequent connection of the ECoS command station. On the main track output, the Navigator offers enough reserves for driving lighted trains, due to a 3.0A load output. A smooth operation of your layout is granted by an adjustable power supply, whose output current is stabilized and suitable for all gauges.

If you wish to read or reprogram your decoders, just drive them onto the accessible programming track. The Navigator can be connected to a PC via the USB computer interface; thus you are able to directly control your locomotives and turnouts.

The IR receiver

Usually, the infrared (IR) receiver will be plugged into the central unit. It establishes a connection to the remote control unit, and has to be placed in a reachable position so that a visual contact is provided. Thanks to its special wide-angle optics, it covers a distance of almost 180 degrees. If the IR receiver and the central unit are to be separated due to space limitations, it is possible to attach an extension cable. You can use all 5 IR receivers to enlarge the operation distance.

Power supply

Every Navigator system comes with an appropriate power supply. Thus we can assure you the best possible operation. The output current can be set between 15V - 21V via a potentiometer; suitable for the gauge of your layout. Beyond that, the output current is stabilized. „Blinking“ headlights happening during change of load will be a thing of the past.


Remote control unit
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